Pocket Sized Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Figures That We All Need

Mini Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Figures?!  Yes Please!
                                                     Mini Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Figures?! Yes Please!

Bif Bang Pow! have been responsible for bringing us geeks a variety of old school pop culture related merchandise from Flash Gordon action figures to a Dexter action figure with blood slide metal tin and a Six Million Dollar Man licence plate frame and now, they’re bringing us pocket sized versions of two of our favorite funny ladies right from the set of Saturday Night Live!

The Saturday Night Live Weekend Update play set includes a fold out diorama set of the iconic “Weekend Update” news desk plus 3.75″ figures of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey all decked out in smart trailed attire, ready to give us the news, all boxed in a numbered limited edition set!

The play set however is a  San Diego Comic-Con exclusive and will be first sold at the event with any remaining stock then being offered to those who pre-order at the site.  Fingers crossed there’s some left from the 2400 sets produced!

Scream Queens Scream onto Fox this September


It’s bright, it’s flashy, it’s gory, it’s funny and it’s just been named one of the Most Exciting New Series at the Critics Choice Television Awards.  Of course, I’m talking about FOX’s new Scream Queens created by man of the moment, Ryan Murphy.

Boasting a named cast that’s bigger than the upcoming fifth season of American Horror Story, Scream Queens follows a gaggle of sorority sisters whose usually quiet college campus is engulfed in a series of grisly murders following the anniversary of a pledge gone wrong.  “It’s horror, but it’s also a dark comedy,” star Emma Roberts says. “I think there is so much that will keep everyone coming back. I know for me… when I read the first episode, I literally was like ‘what?!'”

Check out the trailer below:

As mentioned above, the cast list for Scream Queens reads like a Ryan Murphy party invite guest list.  Fresh off AHS Freak Show is Emma Roberts and fresh off Glee is and almost unrecognizable Lea Michelle.  Pretty Little Liars’ Diego Boneta, Abigail Breslin, Jamie Lee Curtis, Neicy Nash, Nick Jonas, Arianna Grande…the list continues on and on.

Does Scream Queens feel a little bit “wasn’t this a movie in 2002?” or are you “can’t wait for this to begin?” sound off in the comments below!

Could the Morlocks Be Appearing in X-Men Apocalypse?

The Uncanny X-Men

 The fun part leading up-to any massive superhero movie is the guessing of which characters will make the jump from comics to the big screen and the upcoming X-Men Apoclypse is playing right into our guessing game.

With the movie set in the 80’s and taking place between Days of Future Past and X-Men 1, younger versions of Cyclops/Scott Summers (Tye Sheridan), Phoenix/Jean Grey (Sophie Turner), Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner (Kodi Smit-McPhee) and Storm/Ororo Monroe (Alexandra Shipp) will be joined by British telepath-ninja Psylocke/Betsy Braddock (Olivia Munn) and Jubilee/Jubilation Lee (Lana Condor).  Other known X-men characters also appearing include Angel/Warren Worthington III (Ben Hardy), Havok/Alex Summers (Lucas Till), Moira McTaggart (Rosy Byrne) among the usual fare of Magneto, Professor X, Beast and Mystique.

What has fans excited however is the announcement of lesser-known mutant Caliban thanks to an Instagram post by director Bryan Singer…


Caliban has been around in the X-Men universe comics since 1981 and has the ability to sense and track other mutants to which he uses his powers to build up the underground clan of mutants known as The Morlocks lead by Calisto.  Does this mean Calisto and The Morlocks could be appearing in Apocalypse?  Where things get interesting is (in the comics) Storm defeated Calisto in a hand-to-hand combat leaving Storm the leader of The Morlocks and Caliban was also, at one point, one of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse.

Other notable X-men have also played in the Four Horsemen including Gambit (Channing Tatum), Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Psylocke, Angel, and Polaris leaving us to wonder just how will Caliban come into play in the movie, does Psylocke’s (surprise) involvement and Wolverine and Gambit’s rumored involvement see them playing the Horsemen and will Polaris appear considering she is the daughter of Magneto (Michael Fassbender), half brother to Quicksliver (Evan Peters) and has been a Four Horseman?

No one has officially been announced in the role of Caliban as yet.

How do you think this news will play into the Apocalypse movie?  Which X-Men character would you like to see included in the Apocalypse movie?  Sound off in the comments below!

Rosie O’Donnell Sings Wentworth Praise

Rosie O'Donnell is a Wentworth fan
Rosie O’Donnell is a Wentworth fan

Aussie prison drama Wentworth continues to go from strength to strength with a tweet of praise from Rosie O’Donnell who binged the entire first season on Netflix and now wants in on the prison and life with Frankie and Bea.

The tweet, which went out in early Jan, only recently caught the eye of Wentworth’s series writer Peter McTighe who sent off a reply of a job offer that resulted in Wentworth star Katrina Milosevic (Boomer) and former Profiler actress Ali Walker joining in on the tweets.

A suggestion to Rosie (if a stint in Wentworth was to ever happen), just give Meryl Streep in Evil Angels a burl for accent references!

HBO Opens the Door for Another Valerie Cherish Comeback


At the Paley Centre for Media’s ‘An Evening with The Comeback’ that ran tonight, creator/writer/producer/star Lisa Kudrow and cast confirmed that HBO has indeed left the door open for a third series of the critically acclaimed comedy.

At the event, both Kudrow and co-creator Michael Patrick King stated that they are ‘currently talking about it’ [season three] and that HBO are on board whenever the show is ready to go.  Considering the less than impressive ratings season 2 gave the network, it’s surprising to hear that HBO is still on board – but fans (like myself) are more than happy to hear this news.

So if season three was to go ahead, what could we expect to see for Emmy winner Valerie Cherish?  Sound off in the comments below!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 Final Three Revealed


As someone who’s still somewhat a newbie to the world of RuPaul’s Drag Race (As season 7 was starting, I made the decision to sit down with season 6 and see what all this fuss (and shade) was about.  Cut to me two days later, unshaven and in a stupor, fawning over Bianca, Adore and Courtney as the final winner was announced) i’m still trying to get used to what’s considered shade and what is considered to be jealousy when it comes to our girls.

Did anyone else feel a bit over all the age-shaming that was taking place between our final four girls in the lead-up to the top three announcement?  While there’s always been a focus on seasoned queens versus newbie queens, I don’t think it’s ever been a severe as it has been this season – especially with this most recent episode which saw both Kennedy Davenport and Ginger Minj tackle Violet Chachki and (in lesser amounts) Pearl over their age and (their perceived) lack of ability to hold down the Drag Race winners crown.

That said, we finally have our final three contenders for the season 7 crown – Violet Chachki, Ginger Minj and Pearl!  I must admit, the final three are slightly different from what I had envisaged early on in the season (Katya * cough * Pearl * cough * Trixie Mattel * cough) but nonetheless, we have a finale on our hands.

Did your favorite make the final?

Mine did.  #TEAMPEARL baby!

We’ll have to wait until Monday June 1st though to find our winner!

TV Watch: Married At First Sight

Two random strangers get married on 9's Married At First Sight
Two random strangers get married on 9’s Married At First Sight

There was a very off-putting whiff floating around channel 9 last night as it put to air the ‘punch-in-the-guts’ reality show Married At First Sight.  Blow me down, there was never a chance I was going to give this show a second of my time, I mean would I seriously consider sitting down with my long-time boyfriend and watch two complete strangers get married while I am currently not allowed to call my boyfriend my husband because that would tarnish the ‘sanctity of marriage’?

What a fucking liberty!

At least (for the most part) I was not alone in my actions…

When talking about a television show, I’d normally go and talk about the premise of the show and bla bla bla but I can’t even bring myself to attempt.  I’m THAT put off by the whole thing.

Sadly though, this wretched show rated so bloody well that after the premiere episode last night, Channel 9 goes and gleefully announces, in all their gay abandon, that a second season has been given the green-light to go ahead.


Australia, you really suck right now.  Channel 9, you suck even harder.

Call me when a show called “Been with my boyfriend for 5 years and now we can finally get married” is created.

CBS’s Supergirl Trailer Feels Like a Cheesy RomCom


I’m guessing the minds behind the new Supergirl series (Greg Berlanti – Dawsons Creek/The Flash, Alison Adler – The New Normal/Chuck and Andrew Kreisberg The Simpsons/Fringe) didn’t get the memo that The Flash, Arrow and Gotham all received. Our usual fare of superhero themed television shows have been all dark and gritty, full of action, intrigue and drama, yet by the looks of the upcoming Supergirl series, it’s a mash-up of every single Anne Hathaway romantic comedy in existence.

So let’s break it down.  Kara Zor-El / Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) is a gangling clumsy unpolished personal assistant for fashionable and bitchy media mogul Cat Grant (Calista Flockheart).  There’s the co-worker Winn (Jeremy Jordan) who has a crush on Kara but she’s not interested, newcomer James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) could be a new love interest while Kara’s sister Alexandra (Chyler Leigh) is worried about her identity getting out.

Things look up though when Supergirl comes out and saves a plane, but it’s interspersed with scenes of Kara and Winn having fun choosing an appropriate costume for her to wear on missions.

One could be forgiven for thinking this could have been a Taylor Swift music video or someone took that SNL Black Widow skit and made it reality…

Granted, by the end of the trailer, there does look like some promise for our blonde haired, cape wearing superhero, but I guess, because she’s a girl headlining a superhero themed TV series, we’ve got to ‘chick it up’ a bit first.

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

That Jem and the Holograms Trailer isn’t Looking Very Outrageous


Soooooo, on Tuesday, the first official trailer for the band new Jem and the Holograms trailer (based on the awesome 80’s cartoon) was released and….well…there’s that saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

Not that anyone actually adheres to that saying.

And here’s the trailer that has caused much outrage from Jem fans:

Most people my age will know that the original cartoon series was about music company owner Jerrica who, with the help of a computer named Synergy, can touch her earring, transforming her into Jem through a hologram program – hence Jem and the Holograms.  Jem uses Synergy’s holographic transforming powers to keep her Jerrica identity secret, especially from her enemies – The Misfits.

Show me anywhere in that trailer where a misfit is mentioned or an earring is touched.  Instead, the masterful minds behind this live-action version have turned Jem into a High School Musical-Hannah Montana knock-off that instead of beinng outrageous, has just outraged fans.

What do you think about the newly released trailer?

Jem and the Holograms Official Poster

Get Ready to Pay a Little Bit More for Netflix and Other Digital Download Products


It’s been floating around for awhile but now it’s official.  Digital goods offered by overseas providers into Australia (such as Netflix and Amazon) will be slugged with the 10% GST.  Movies, music, games, television shows and books offered by overseas providers like Netflix, Amazon, Google Play and Steam will all increase by 10% on July 1st.

Speaking with itnews, Treasurer Joe Hockey said “What we’re doing is going to digital providers overseas and saying ‘can you apply the GST to the products you provide into Australia?”  Companies such as Netflix have already stated they plan to comply with the request once local regulations were in place.  A spokesman for Netflix added: “Netflix has been and will be compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, and pay taxes as required under local and national law.”

Netflix’s local competitor Presto welcomed the tax as it was “critical” all players operate by the same rules.

Good news for those who buy physical goods from overseas retailers – those items will remain GST free, as long as the total cost does not exceed $1000.  Playstation, Xbox and Apple Itunes users will also be happy to know there will be no increase as the GST already applies.

How do you feel about the new so-called ‘Netflix tax’?  Sound off in the comments below.


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