You’re Fired! Celebrity Apprentice’s First Ousting.

Singer Prinnie Stevens

You have to hand it to Mark Bouris.  Asking contestants in this season of Celebrity Apprentice to arrange themselves in order of level of fame right off the get-go was inspired scripting.  When the task was given, jaws were on the ground and the ‘stunned mullet’ look was quite popular to use by most.  While there were no real claws out (the girls sorted themselves out quite appropriately), the boys team was less than classy about the situation.  Surely one would assume 80’s rocker and  Uncanny X-Men lead singer Bryan Mannix would be well before the likes of Chef Pete Everitt and stage regular Rob Mills, but no, Mannix quite happily placed himself last ‘for the good of the team’.  Ex AFL Footballer Dermott Brereton offered the same approach.

Something tells me the girls provided more balls than the boys.

It took some time but the claws did come out.  How social commentator Prue Macsween was able to walk out of the boardroom after having shreds of flesh taken off her by her fellow contestants is an amazement that will bewilder many for time to come

No one wants to be the first to be ousted on a reality show.  Be it a cooking show, singing show, talent show or a show where celebrities work to make money for charity.  Tonight’s first round outing saw The Voice contestant and singer Prinnie Stevens the first to hear the ever famous catchphrase ‘You’re Fired!’