First Look: The Crazy Ones

Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Geller The Crazy Ones

Robin Williams marks his first return to series television since Mork and Mindy in the late 70’s in the new CBS comedy The Crazy Ones.  The series also marks Sarah Michelle Geller’s first ever foray into half-hour TV comedy.

Created by David E Kelley (The mind behind Chicago Hope, Ally McBeal and The Practice) Crazy Ones sees Williams as ad executive Simon Roberts, who’s known for his unique way of thinking. Gellar plays his daughter, Sydney, a fellow executive at the firm.

The pairing of WIlliams and Gellar as father and daughter is certainly an odd choice.  Robin Williams is…well…Robin Williams.  He brings his in-your-face zaniness and over-the-top humor that we come to expect these days from him.  But will it be too much for viewers these days?

Keep an eye out for Kelly Clarkson who appears in the pilot episode playing herself hired by the advertising company for a McDonald’s campaign.

Check out the extended trailer featuring behind the scenes footage below:

The Crazy Ones is due to premiere this September on CBS in America.

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