Embarrassing Bodies; The Down Under Version

Embarrssing Bodies Doctors; Dr. Dawn, Dr. Christian and Dr. Pixie

There’s no denying that UK based medical reality show Embarrassing Bodies is addictive TV viewing.  The show which gives us the chance to witness the embarrassing lumps and bumps and rashes and gashes of the everyday person (sometimes through closed eyes) has garnered itself a mild cult following among viewers….and it’s coming to Australia.

Titled Embarrassing Bodies Down Under (I’m sure there’s a pun to be had there) is being commissioned by Foxtel for the Lifestyle YOU channel and is currently filming outside Parramatta Town Hall (today May 28th and tomorrow Wednesday May 28th).

UK host Dr Christian Jessen will be joined by three Australian doctors.

“The first stop is Parramatta, with the clinic located outside the Town Hall on Church Street, Parramatta. Potential patients can simply drop in for a consultation with one of the doctors. Alternatively, they can head to the website for more details: http://www.lifestyle.com.au/embarrassingbodies.”

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