The Block Sky High Judging Twist

Contestants Matt and Kim

In a shock judging twist, The Block Sky High will see contestants judge and score each other’s living/dining rooms tonight in a My Kitchen Rules type situation.

It was revealed last night, that along with the actual judges scores, teams will also have their say on how many points each team should receive for their efforts.  The twist comes after weeks of couples complaining about judges scoring and how fair the scoring system has been especially when it comes to design versus workmanship on rooms.

Western Australian couple Matt and Kim, who after last nights first reveal scores are on the verge of their first room win, were the most vocal about the shock decision stating that the divide between the teams will see nothing but a popularity vote for each other (Matt and Kim have openly allied themselves with twins Alysa and Lyssandra).

“I hate it, particularly because we’re in front by half a point,” says Kim. “That means the contestants votes can stop us winning. I’m really annoyed.

“The hard thing is, we haven’t won a room yet, but we have come close. And we’re winning and it’s like they’re going to take it from us!”

Penthouse couple Trixie and Johnno were also unimpressed.

“Trix and I were thinking, ‘I never once asked to be a judge!'” Johnno explains. “At times we don’t understand where they get some of the scores from, but I never wanted to be a judge — I think it’s a really tough job.”

Trixie also points out that all the judges are neutral — but what’s to stop each contestant voting strategically, awarding more points to their friends?

Quick to respond, host Scott Cam stated “That’s not how the judges do it”.

Just how will the teams judge and score each other?  Will teams score fairly especially knowing how scores are currently sitting after two judges scores have been revealed?  All will come to a head tonight at 7pm on Nine.