Laura Leighton is a Pretty Little Liar

Laura Leighton plays Ashley Marin in Pretty Little Liars

You can’t blame Laura Leighton for relishing the role of over-protective mother Ashley Marin in ABC Family’s hit drama series Pretty Little Liars.  In the course of just on four seasons, we’ve seen Leighton (as Ashley Marin) do pretty much anything to protect not only her daughter but their image in the small sleepy town of Rosewood.  From sleeping with policemen to stealing, blackmail and now possibly murder – it seems nothing is too much for Ashley Marin.

While those situations may be quite familiar to Leighton (her character on soapie Melrose Place, Sydney Andrews, was well known for her blackmailing and bed-hopping) this time around it’s all in aid of keeping her daughter safe and out of trouble.

A few weeks ago, we were told to expect to turn our feelings of adoration for Ms. Marin into those of hate, and now, two episodes into the fourth season, we can see why this may be so.  Things are beginning to take a turn for Ashley Marin and fans are taking note and are starting to worry.  Her behavior has become increasingly suspicious and in the most recent PLL episode in which we saw Ashley hiding her muddy high heel shoes that match the description of those worn by a mysterious person when Detective Wilden was killed and her mobile phone turning up in Wilden’s casket.

In the next episode, Ashley’s relationship with her daughter is also taking a turn for the worse as Hanna (Ashley Benson) becomes more suspicious about her mother’s behavior and her involvement with the murder of Detective Wilden.

Check out a sneak peek of the next episode below which shows just how much of a downturn the mother/daughter relationship is taking.

Only time will tell just as to Ashley’s involvement with Wilden’s murder and her interactions with A/Red Coat.