Big Brother Australia Premiere Best and Worst Bits

Big Brother Host Sonia Kruger

Big Brother along with pyrotechnics and a dancing Sonia Kruger in a glitter tin foil dress and thigh high hooker boots returned to our screens last night.

Amid all the dancing and shots of the crowd screaming in anticipation of the big twist, we got to meet 12 new housemates who were about to be open season on social media and experience, first hand, just what this ‘Big Twist’ was for this new season of the re-vamped Big Brother.

Lets talk the good bits of last nights premiere:

Host Sonia Kruger.  Now in her second season as host, Krugs has easily proven herself a force on the stage in front of a crowd.  Quick-witted Sonia even took the time to rib new housemate Caleb about his uncanny resemblance to Shane Warne

The House Divided.  So while the twist of the divided house was not really the best kept secret, how we were introduced to it was exciting.  What key opened which door?  Who was going to end up in the ‘Safe house’ and who would end up in the ‘Halfway house’?

The House.  It’s actually nice (save for the diary room chair).  There’s a clear and definite line between the good and not-so-good sections of the house.

And the not so good bits:

Sonia’s Tin Foil Dress.  I HAD to go there.  Delta Goodrem copped it during The Voice, Krugs copped it all last season.  Wardrobe choices of hosts are one of the first things we all picked up on and Sonia’s tin foil glitter dress matched with a pair of black hooker boots really got everyone talking.  At least her hair looked fab.

Certain Housemates.  Yes Tim, I’m calling you out on this one.  He’s loud, he’s brash, he’s that ‘there’s one every season’ guy.  Within the hour of being in the house, co-dweller Tully quickly pointed out to Tim himself that he needs to speak over everyone so as to hear himself.  Throw in bleached blonde (hair and teeth) Caleb who rocked up in a shirt missing both sleeves (I’m tempted to assume he tore them off out of pure boganism before entering the house) and mum-of-three Sharon, who is working a decent set of Madonna arms and professed to wanting to ‘(s)mother painfully awkward Ben’ and we’ve already got a set of housemates who’ve clearly made an impression for all the wrong reasons.

The Second Twist.  Yawn.  A couple, yet to enter the house, have to convince the housemates they are actually a married couple.  Yawn.  Remember the mother/daughter twist?  Remember the twins twist?  What’s next?  A female housemate who’s really a dude….wait…we’ve also been there too.

The Twitter Airings. Where The Block was great for including it’s viewers in aired broadcasting viewers tweets, last nights Big Brother found it necessary to publish tweets from David Campbell (Sonia Kruger’s morning show co-host) proclaiming how beautiful she looked and tweets from last seasons housemates complaining about this years housemates.  Where are the tweets calling out Tim as a big idiot (nice word) or the tweets that wanted to know why Tahan would choose a dress to wear that clearly she was poured into, that flooded my twitter stream last night?

The New Diary Room Chair.  It’s made from Kylie’s gold hot pants she wore in that ‘Spinning Around’ video right?