Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer Revealed

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead

Let me start off by saying that I’m super late to the Walking Dead game.  I tried to watch when the show began in the states, but the premise of a drama intertwined with zombies didn’t sit well with me and I found it too slow to keep me entertained. If my memory serves me rightly, I managed to watch up-to where some sheriff guy meets up with his wife and kid in a camp settled outside the city.

Well, how stupid was I?

I’m now half way through season three and I’m in love with Daryl Dixon.  I also cheered when Lori died while giving birth and now spend each episode hoping Carl find himself on the wrong end of a kiss from walker.  I’m pretty sure that makes me an official Walking Dead fan.

Now even though I’m still not yet up-to-date with pretty much everyone else in the world, I have been privy to what to expect for the rest of season three as the big events of the last few episodes of the season were all over social media (and I wasn’t watching then so I happily browsed away)

That said, the season 4 trailer released at this years San Diego Comic-Con meant nothing to me.  There’s more people in the prison (where did they come from?) and lot’s more zombies too.  Check it out for yourself below!

The Walking Dead (and Daryl Dixon) returns to our screens for season 4 Monday October 14th on FX via FOXTEL)

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