A Dexter Spin-Off Theory to Consider.

Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan

As the final season of Dexter begins it’s final decent into saying goodbye, the speculation about a possible spin-off continues to garner talk, mainly about who will the show continue on with.

Episode 806
Sam Underwood as Zach Hamilton

With this final season introducing a new protege for Dexter (Michael C Hall) in the form of Zach Hamilton (Sam Underwood), many began assuming the new series could feature Zach continuing on, in his new path Dexter has provided for him, but those rumors were quickly quashed when it was announced that Underwood has just joined the cast of The Following for it’s second season.

So it brings us back to the original question.  If there is going to be a spin-off, will it focus on Dexter’s sister Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter)?  Carpenter was recently quoted as saying that “she hopes Deb will die at the closure of the series” as it will enable her to “shed the skin of the character and move on as an actor”.  I thought I’d throw out a plausible option for a spin-off that a co-worker and I tossed around with today.

The final 20 minutes of Dexter would see Deb and Dexter having a quiet moment (all seen from Dexter’s perspective) before he leaves to an undisclosed location.  It’s time for him to move on and away, allowing Deb to live her life the way she is supposed to.  After a final drink, she says goodbye, hops in her car and leaves.  A short time later, she receives a call from Dexter, it’s a distress call, he’s frantic, not making sense then suddenly, the call goes dead. – scene end.

We pick up in this new show, 20 minutes before the finale of Dexter, this time from Deb’s perspective, saying goodbye to her brother, getting in her car and driving off.  She receives the call from Dexter, it goes dead, she rushes back to find him dead.  Who killed him?

The new show, season one, follows Deb on splitting her time and resources between both Miami Metro and with Jacob Elway in the hunt for Dexter’s killer while also taking on the day-to-day tasks and crimes of her job.

I think this could be a perfect direction into a spin-off that allows characters and locations we know and love to continue on and also have a direct link to the original show – that being the hunt for Dexter’s killer.

Either way, there’s only three episodes left of Dexter.  How will it end?  Will Dexter die or will he ride off into the sunset with Hannah and son Harrison?  Guess we’ll find out soon enough!

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