Big Brother 2013 – More Intruders Coming.

Big Brother Housemates Drew and Tim

Let’s talk intruders.  I don’t like Justynn.  His name spelling alone is worthy of a dislike (I don’t even want to add it to my dictionary, that red underline can stay!), but that aside, I’m finding him highly unlikable.  He seems like the type of person who wouldn’t have many close friends in the real world.  Up front, brash, offensive (and that’s not just his personal hygiene!) he’s a more bark than bite type of guy that has most of the housemates offside.  Also, is it just me, but is Justynn literally the only guy in the entire world who looks more dirtier after a shower?

Nathan is fine.  He’s like the sugar sisters.  Doesn’t seem to cause too much trouble, just a beige type of guy.  Neither will win.  But it will be interesting to see who the viewers will vote to stay.

Now more intruders are on their way into the Big Brother house and this time it’s two females!  After Monday night’s male intruder eviction,  we should expect two female intruders to enter – one, a sexy lawyer, the other, a loud mouth pocket rocket.