Big Brother Sees Surprise Eviction

Evicted Big Brother Housemate Ben Zabel

Was last night’s Big Brother eviction a case of “others will vote for him, so I don’t need to” or foul play on Big Brother’s behalf with votes not being confirmed?

Like myself, I think many fans of the show were quite shocked to see hot favorite Ben Zabel leave the Big Brother house last night.  Not long after entering the house, Ben quickly became a fan favorite and had since been tipped to win the $250,000 first prize.  It even got to a stage where the housemates would use Ben as the nomination swap sacrifice as they knew he had a strong following on the outside.

Guess they were wrong.

Rumors quickly started circulating that nominee Ed was saved thanks to a voting surge conducted by his family and posts began popping up on Facebook and Twitter from fans stating they never received confirmations of their votes to ‘save’ Ben from eviction.  Add into it the daylight savings factor which saw Queenslanders (Ben’s home state) confused about when the voting lines had actually closed.

Says Jon Francis on Facebook “I wish to air my dissatisfaction at the eviction of Ben [Big Brother] the confusion regarding the different cut off times of the voting.  Especially Qld his home state is a disgrace. Watching the Host of the show telling viewers voting lines are still open while have a banner running saying voting has closed is a major concern .”

While people were saying they never received voting confirmations for Ben, I’ve been told people also found themselves with the same issue when voting for Tim or Tahan.

We’ll see the aftermath of Ben’s eviction on the remaining housemates tonight on channel 9.