Embarrassing Bodies Down Under Sets Premiere Date

Dr Ginni Mansberg, Dr Sam Hay and Dr Brad McKay

It’s the show everyone loves to watch then talk about the next day and now, the Australian version of the popular medical lifestyle show Embarrassing Bodies has finally been given an air date!

Along with Dr Christian Jessen, medical proffessionals Dr. Ginni Mansberg, Dr. Sam Hay and Dr. Brad McKay have all been checking out our lumps, bumps, oozy bits and wobbly sections all for our viewing pleasure!

Check out the synopsis below of whats to come:

From inverted nipples and ‘bingo wings’ to testicular cysts and anal warts, these are just some of the issues faced by the everyday Australians featured on Embarrassing Bodies Down Under, a new local production premiering Tuesday October 29 at 9.30pm AEDT on LifeStyle YOU.

Following the same core principal “there’s no shame, we’re all the same”, the local incarnation of this daring and provocative health series will feature the charismatic Dr Christian Jessen from the UK version, alongside three straight-talking Aussie GPs – Dr Ginni Mansberg, Dr Sam Hay and Dr Brad McKay.

Together, these doctors will tackle the obscure medical conditions of the Australian public in an attempt to dispel myths surrounding these sensitive issues, while also spreading important health messages.

Embarrassing Bodies Down Under will showcase an array of highly embarrassed patients, young and old, who suffer from visually shocking and personally mortifying conditions, and are all desperate for some much needed medical attention.

In episode one, on Tuesday October 29 at 9.30pm AEDT, viewers will meet a man suffering from pilonidal sinus or “two bum holes”; a young woman with an abnormally high-pitched voice; an older woman with excessive skin flaking; and a man whose quest to be hair free has left him with multiple sebaceous cysts on his scrotum.

The series will give an intimate insight into not only the patient’s treatment, but also their attempts to cope with the emotional and psychological impact of their illnesses.

How fabulous!  “Multiple sebaceous cysts on his scrotum”

Speaking with Dr. Brad McKay, he says “All the patients are amazing but I nearly cried watching the ‘girl with the high pitched voice’ tell her story.  Also, keep an eye out for my public service announcement on chilies!”

The 8 episode Embarrassing Bodies Down Under is set to begin on Tuesday, October 29th @ 9:30pm on Lifestyle YOU!