Josh Thomas Works on Please Like Me Season Two

Please Like Me’s Josh Thomas and Wade Briggs

Good to see comedian Josh Thomas is back hard at work writing the new season of his comedy Please Like Me.  Working with both Australian network ABC2 and US network Pivot TV, Thomas will be bringing back his popular comedy with 10 all new episodes for next year.

After asking Pivot how things are going for season two:


It’s been an interesting ride for Thomas and his show which was originally pushed from ABC1 to the digital channel of ABC2 then once aired, Please Like Me was pretty much all but dead before new US network Pivot picked up the show and announced they were interested in creating a second season of the show.

No word yet on co-stars Wade Briggs, Caitlin Stacey, Deborah Lawrence or Thomas Ward and their return to the new season.

Please Like Me is currently re-airing it’s first season on ABC1 (funny that) Wednesdays at 10pm and will return next year for Season 2!