GIRLS Season Three Details

Girls Star Lena Dunham (©)HBO

Looks like Hannah (Lena Dunham) has turned a corner and headed down a more positive route when Girls returns for it’s third season in 2014 and I for one am glad.  The dark and twisty route that enveloped Hannah for most of season two (Including weird sexual encounters with Jessa’s teenage stepbrother and a random stranger she met at Ray’s coffee house plus suffering a bout of OCD) really set an uncomfortable tone for the entire season leaving not one single character untouched by it’s effects.

In the behind-the-scenes preview below, Lena Dunham explains that when the show returns, we’ll see Hannah and Adam (Adam Driver) are once again back together, but this time, it seems more happier on both sides as Hannah has also patched up her working relationship with her book editor as well – but as Dunham explains, as this is Girls, this patch of sunshine can’t last.

If anything positive was to come out of the cancellation of The New Normal it’s the news that Andrew Rannells will be back as Elijah!  As you’ll remember, we last saw Elijah being kicked out of Hannah’s apartment after finding out that he and Marnie had a rather unfortunate sexual encounter.

Girls is set to return in 2014 for an all new season three on Foxtel’s Showcase channel.