OMG Ja’mie Is Totes Back On TV Tonight!

Ja’mie King graces our television tonight. Photo credit: ABC

After a very revealing photo shoot with men’s magazine ZOO Weekly and placing 98th in Maxim Magazine’s hottest 100 (seriously though, wouldn’t you hate to be 99 or 100 on that list) Ja’mie King will be gracing our screens tonight in her very own series – Ja’mie: Private School Girl.

While I wasn’t graced with a preview screener of tonight’s episode, I have read that we can expect the show to live up to it’s hype and that creator Chris Lilley is back to his Summer Heights High best.  The laughs are expected to come early on with a raunchy assembly dance routine, though the jokes about refugee’s are a little off taste (depending on who you ask)

If you haven’t been keeping up with all the news, this new six-part series follows a now 17 year old Ja’mie King in the final weeks of high school at Hilloford Girls Grammar in which she is also the school captain and in no real shock, the power has gone to her head.  There’ll be love interests, family issues and a sexting scandal to look for also.

I’ve read this series is less dark and confronting that that of Lilley’s previous outing in “Angry Boys” and we can also expect Summer Heights High’s Jonah Takalua and Angry Boys’ Gran making appearances.

Ja’mie: Private School Girl premiere’s tonight, ABC1 @ 9:05pm!  I totes can’t wait!

Homeland’s Big Twist Shocks

Homeland’s Claire Danes

Originally, I was going to title this post as “Oh Crap It’s Dana” but decided against it as the actual plot twist thrown at us at the end of 3×04 was so much OMG that it’s all I could really think of, I mean, did anyone, ANYONE see that coming?

I don’t claim to be all foreseeing and knowing of plot twists coming our way, and some are so blatant it hurts, but this, this totally side swiped me and that, to me, makes for great TV.  I mean sitting there, at the end of the episode, seeing Carrie and Saul walk inside together, I just…i just…I’m pretty sure I looked like I had lost a chromosome sitting there mouth agape.

Funny though, after last weeks Brody themed episode, everyone threw their hands up and went “How can we fix Homeland?” now it seems (me included obviously) we’re all applauding the show.  So among all the long and unpronounceable names involved with money laundering, Dana finally running away (and never coming back?), Saul throwing Carrie under the bus to save face, Carrie’s complete and utter melt-down and subsequent meeting with someone who wants her to reveal confidential CIA information, it turns out Carrie and Saul were working together all along.  Talk about perfect timing for a show that had everyone worried.

That said, with this season pointing out Javadi as the big bad guy (worse than Abu Nazir) it’s hard to actually feel excited for Carrie and Saul’s plan if the only time we have seen Javadi is via a photo.  We have no connection to him, no feelings, we are working with what is being conveyed to us via conversations between Saul and Fara.

Oh, Dana was in this episode, but as noted, she ran away.  She wasn’t really that annoying this episode.  I think we actually got to see some real depth behind her character, especially when she noted that when standing outside the army base, she pointed out that this was where her father had said the very last truth to her, which was “goodbye” and that everything after that was a lie.

Hopefully Homeland shines a little more light on Javadi and the plan Saul and Carrie have set in place to keep us going on this roller coaster of a ride that is Season three!

The Walking Dead: Babe Bait

The Walking Deads’ Melissa McBride

So we finally got to see the aftermath of Patrick’s mystery death is the shower on Monday night and I for one am confused.  Surely, someone would have heard a walker eating like he was at the last supper on a poor unsuspecting and peacefully sleeping fella.  Well apparently not, and this starts off a domino effect of the walker infestation in the prison.

Apparently hours fly by and no one has heard a thing.  Outside, life is as normal, Maggie is noticing the walkers are gathering in one section of the fencing, pushing and clawing at it like they were waiting for Myer’s doors to open on Boxing Day sales.  Rick and Carl are farming, talking about guns and stuff…it’s a normal day.  Then the gunshots start piercing the air.  It’s always calm when gunshots fire out isn’t it?

A mass fight takes place and thankfully no one we actually care about is injured (well except Michonne, but it was her own fault tripping over that rope).  Back inside, the crew discover that a deadly flu like illness is sweeping the prison.  Seeing that Hershel really hasn’t had much to do so far, it’s put upon him to decide that yes, those with symptoms must be separated from the group (he IS a doctor or is it a vet?  It all becomes so intertwined after a few limb amputations).  Now hysteria begins to spread as quickly as the virus and those suffering even a mild cough are segregated off – including Karen.

By now, the walkers gathering at Myer’s doors are beginning to break in, they must have seen the 50% off all white-goods sign.  Cut to a mass stabbing involving Rick, Glenn, Maggie and Darryl and a moment where Rick is so worried about his farming plot he actually stops and stares at his work before deciding to use the possibly infected piglets as bait to lure the walkers away – hence my title ‘Babe Bait’.  Man did those pigs squeal!  They squealed, but didn’t run when Rick placed them on the ground (how convenient)  After all the killing, death, murder that has taken place over three seasons – apparently it’s only now that Rick decides that violence is the only way to survive and happily hands Carl back his gun and holster.

I’m really liking Carol so far this season.  Her private ‘weapons for kids’ class is going well and puts one of her students to a test to see if she can use what she’s learnt to kill her father who has just been bitten.  One would possibly think a small animal would be the first test…but then again, i’m not teaching the class.  Carol also finds herself pleading with Carl not to tell Rick about her class.  Personally, Carol should have laid the smack down and told Carl not to rat on her, but then again, i’m not Carol.  Of course, the little twat scuttles off and tells Rick, but thankfully, both are on Carol’s side and decide to keep mum on the topic.

Finally, Tyreece (who is using the prison as a dating service) is seen heading off into the quarantined zone to give his lady love Karen some wild flowers he picked all himself.  It seems there’s a lot of blood smeared all over the floors of her room and a trail leading somewhere else.  Has she turned?  Nope, Tyreece follows the blood trail (which is going to be a bugger to clean up) outside where after what feels like 3 hours looking at a close up shot of his shocked facial expression, we find Karen’s and another segregated persons burnt to a crisp bodies.  Guess someone is terrified enough of this virus to burn some people alive or we’ve begun an American Horror Story: Coven cross-over.

Side note: Am I the only who thinks the girl who couldn’t stab her dad in the head is the one feeding the rats to the walkers?  She has a habit of naming them, cried when her walker Nick was killed off, even her own little sister told Carol that “She’s messed up”.  Girl aint’ right is all i’m saying, but then again, this is a zombie apocalypse.