Homeland’s Big Twist Shocks

Homeland’s Claire Danes

Originally, I was going to title this post as “Oh Crap It’s Dana” but decided against it as the actual plot twist thrown at us at the end of 3×04 was so much OMG that it’s all I could really think of, I mean, did anyone, ANYONE see that coming?

I don’t claim to be all foreseeing and knowing of plot twists coming our way, and some are so blatant it hurts, but this, this totally side swiped me and that, to me, makes for great TV.  I mean sitting there, at the end of the episode, seeing Carrie and Saul walk inside together, I just…i just…I’m pretty sure I looked like I had lost a chromosome sitting there mouth agape.

Funny though, after last weeks Brody themed episode, everyone threw their hands up and went “How can we fix Homeland?” now it seems (me included obviously) we’re all applauding the show.  So among all the long and unpronounceable names involved with money laundering, Dana finally running away (and never coming back?), Saul throwing Carrie under the bus to save face, Carrie’s complete and utter melt-down and subsequent meeting with someone who wants her to reveal confidential CIA information, it turns out Carrie and Saul were working together all along.  Talk about perfect timing for a show that had everyone worried.

That said, with this season pointing out Javadi as the big bad guy (worse than Abu Nazir) it’s hard to actually feel excited for Carrie and Saul’s plan if the only time we have seen Javadi is via a photo.  We have no connection to him, no feelings, we are working with what is being conveyed to us via conversations between Saul and Fara.

Oh, Dana was in this episode, but as noted, she ran away.  She wasn’t really that annoying this episode.  I think we actually got to see some real depth behind her character, especially when she noted that when standing outside the army base, she pointed out that this was where her father had said the very last truth to her, which was “goodbye” and that everything after that was a lie.

Hopefully Homeland shines a little more light on Javadi and the plan Saul and Carrie have set in place to keep us going on this roller coaster of a ride that is Season three!