The Walking Dead: Happy Thoughts Happy Vibes

Rick asks Carol the Tough Question

Last nights episode of The Walking Dead picks up directly where the last left us.  Tyreese, Darryl and Carl (and possibly Carol – I don’t remember) are looking at the burnt bodies of Karen and some random named Dave.  Tyreese demands that Rick find out who did this before the two get into a god almighty fist fight.   There’s a lot of emotions going on (apparently Tyreese and Karen were in love)  The whole fight is a bit weird as it wasn’t that long ago, Rick found himself going through the same thing when Lori died, but instead of punching on with his mates, he locked himself away in the depths of the prison taking his anger out on zombies.

Anyways, Rick is doing much better these days.  Must be all that gardening he’s been doing lately.  Unfortunately, the flu crisis is beginning to get out of control and the others begin to look to Rick to step up as leader again but he’s not really into the idea.  Gardening is more his thing.

The group form a meeting and decide to do a medicine run at a vet clinic 50 miles away.  As Hershel states, it’s not the flu that’s killing people, it’s the symptoms that is and animal medicine is just like people medicine and will save lives.  Darryl (who thankfully is still running around in a shirt with no sleeves) and Michonne take up charge to do the long trip. They decide to take Bob along as he can read long medical type words and should be able to pick out Xanax versus Iodine, but Bob’s got that “you know i’m gonna eff up” look about him.

Back in the prison, Sasha, along with Glenn are now sick.  Both have been quarantined to keep others safe.  Apparently according to Tyreese, Sasha don’t need no medicine, she needs happy thoughts, happy vibes and she’ll be right. Somehow her over-excitement about learning of the medicine run leads to Tyreese joining the Darryl and Michonne. While he still wants answers surrounding Karen’s murder, being able to help Sasha is now his main aim.

There’s now also a generational gap for those in quarantine and Carl is the watch-keeper ensuring everybody stays where they are supposed to.  Maggie and Beth sit on opposite sides of a door – Beth, holding Judith, makes note about not being able to get sad, we just got to get stuff done – she’s such a wise girl.  Hershel, who’s tired of being treated like old father time thinks he may be able to stave off the symptoms with herbs and needs to get outside.  Carl ain’t having none of that as Hershel is in quarantine.  The kid has a gun and says “I’ll have to tell my father.” – This now puts Carl Grimes alongside Homeland’s Dana Body as most annoying child character.  In the end, after a lot of talking, Carl and Hershel go bush-walking for herbs.

Carol is feeling a bit all over the place.  She’s been in this episode quite a lot, but aside from a run in with walkers (when trying to unclog the hose that provides water to the prison) she really hasn’t done much, but, there is something off about her.  Her talk with Tyreese sets this off.  That look she flashed after he walked away – something’s not right.  Anyways, Rick decides to berate Carol for almost getting herself killed when playing with the hose.  To me, people should be looking at Carol to take charge.  She seems more level headed even though she is quite emotional.  She get’s stuff done and by getting stuff done, I mean, she, off her own back, was the one who killed Karen and Dave.

We know she did it.  She just told Rick.  We know why she did it.  For the safety of the prison.  It’s just a shame it was all in vain as now the flu is rampant through the prison.  But, good on her for having a crack.

Hershel and Carl are back with berries from the forest.  After a confrontation with Rick and Maggie, Hershel goes into the danger zone to give those who are sick his berry medicine.

Back with Darryl and the gang, they’ve found a radio station on the car radio.  It’s sketchy though.  Too much static.  I reckon The Governor is behind it.  Either way, it leads to lots of Darryl not looking while driving and he plows the car into a pile of walkers.  Well not so much pile and more like Jollimont station after a Collingwood Versus Carlton footy match at the MCG.  Walkers are everywhere!  They have to make a run for it as the car is bogged on zombie heads (don’t you hate it when that happens?)  Tyreese gets left behind.  He’s too consumed with anger to move.  Cut to lots of action scenes of Michonne going all ninja with her sword, Darryl shooting his bows and being all sexy and Bob pretending to be Annie Oakley with his gun.

All are safe, oh and so is Tyreese.  He made it!  Yay?  But now they have no car and are in the middle of no where.

Will Carol pay for her crimes?  Will Darryl and the gang make it back to the prison?  WIll Beth have anything else to say besides “We don’t get to?”  All coming up next week!