New Details Revealed on Schapelle Telemovie

Krew Boylan will play convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby in the Channel 9 telemovie Schapelle. Picture: Channel 9 Source: Supplied

Earlier this year I wrote about Channel 9’s plans to bring to our televisions a telemovie based on the highly controversial story of convicted drug mule Schapelle Corby.  To date, it still remains one of the most read posts on TVNOW and the topic still brings out the divide between Corby’s supporters and non believers.  Now, new details have emerged on what we will be seeing when the telemovie airs next year.

Based on the arrest, trial and conviction of Schapelle Corby in 2004-2005. A 27-year-old beauty school drop-out from the Gold Coast, Schapelle, played by actress Krew Boylan, was arrested at Bali airport with 4.2kg of marijuana in a boogie board bag. At first, Schapelle’s arrest was barely noticed by the Australian media, but once photographs were published it sparked a media frenzy and attracted a cast of colourful characters who came to her aid, including sister Mercedes (Jacinta Stapleton), mother Ros (Denise Roberts), father Mick (Colin Friels), and her ‘white knights’ mobile phone mogul ‘Mad Ron’ Bakir (Les Chantery) and Gold Coast lawyer Robin Tampoe (Vince Colosimo). Also prominent in her story are Foreign Minister Alexander Downer (Francis Greenslade) and Australian Federal Police boss Mick Keelty (Michael Croaker). Schapelle avoided the death penalty but was sentenced to 20 years in Bali’s notorious Kerobokan Prison.

Schapelle is set to air on channel 9 in 2014.

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From Summer Heights High to Tonga, Jonah is Back.

Actor Chris Lilley as Jonah in ABC TV show Summer Heights High. Source: News Limited

As part of ABC’s 2014 line-up presentation last night, it’s been revealed that Chris Lilley is bringing back a second character from Summer Heights High for another stand alone series.  Following in the footsteps of Ja’mie: Private School Girl, this new series will focus on juvenile delinquent Jonah Takaluah following his expulsion from his school and being shipped off back to Tonga.

With how unfortunate the Ja’mie stand alone series turned out to be, i’m wondering if viewers will have the same feeling towards Jonah’s own show.

Lilley’s new show will air on the ABC in 2014.


The Voice 2014: Delta and Seal out Kylie and Will.I.Am In

Kylie Minogue joins The Voice next year

It seems Delta Goodrem has been given a slight kick in the pants after channel 9 revealed they’ve moved her from her coaching position with The Voice to it’s spin off show The Voice Kids which will feature the singing talents of youngsters in the 8-14 year old category along side Joel Madden.

But Delta is not the only face that will be missing from the mentors chair for season three.  Singer Seal will not be returning, stating “I wish all the Coaches and contestants well. To my Australian fans, sorry to not be back for this upcoming season but I wanted this window of time to focus on a number of exciting career priorities – a new album, a TV and internet project and, most importantly, precious time with my children.”  Rumours had begun circulating that John Farnham and former Spice Girl Mel B could be filling those spots left open, but Channel 9 revealed that Kylie Minogue and Black Eyed Peas front man Will.I.Am will be joining the show.

Both Kylie and Will.I.Am will be fresh off a stint as coaches on the UK version of The Voice.

Said of his new gig on Aussie television: “It is an honour to join The Voice Australia as a Coach working alongside Kylie Minogue, Ricky Martin and Joel Madden. Australia is a highly creative country and a place with many good memories that have shaped my music career.” while Kylie followed with “I am so excited to be coming home and being a coach on The Voice. I look forward to spending time in Australia, getting up close and personal with new talent and working alongside the three amazing artists: Ricky, Joel and”

The Walking Dead: Woodbury 2.0


Can you imagine how happy I was to discover we were in store for another Governor centric episode of The Walking Dead?  Two in a row!  I want to ask the writers if we, as viewers, had done anything wrong.  Had we pissed you off? Granted after watching this second episode, I understand why we had to revisit the Governor, but in reality, did we need two whole episodes?

So picking up from last weeks closer, The Governor (or Brian as it turns out his name is) along with Lilly, Tara and Megan join Martinez’s camp.  There seems to be some decent muscle within the group and enough ammo to ensure their safety.  It all seems pretty peachy until The Governor realizes his past may come back to haunt him thanks to former right hand man Martinez.  It’s funny how, in a zombie apocalypse, a game of golf can turn deadly.  One minute you’re wolfing down whisky, hitting golf balls off the top of a camper-van, the next you’re getting whacked over the head with a 9 iron and being fed to a bunch of walkers.

It’s here all the work of last weeks episode of trying to convince us that The Governor has turned a new leaf come undone as the diseased animal within him begins to yearn for leadership again and return to the ways of Woodbury and that means taking no prisoners and killing those that may step in his way.  He wants a Woodbury 2.0.

Now The Governor is back in his element, standing above the camp survivors, ensuring all see him as their only hope for survival. He puts them all to good use, building fences and whatnot but his plan to try and move the camp to ‘safer’ grounds needs that one final push – cue a walker inside the camp.  Clearly The Governor planted the walker. The immediate threat of death was the perfect example to ensure there would be no hesitation from any member to move camp.

So where could be the perfect safe place for the Governor and his new camp?  The prison of course!  He’s been staking it out.  I wonder if he was surprised how well the place has held up since his last attack on the place?  Anyways we see him spying on Rick….who’s farming of course.  He also happens across Hershel and Michonne….I think.  It someone who looks like Michonne but she’s smiling so clearly it’s not actually Michonne.

After playing his own version of Spy Games, The Governor heads back and informs his peeps that he’s found their next camp.

Next week’s episode is sadly the mid season finale.  It seems there’s a turf war between the two camps, and someone brings along a tank for good measure.  I bet Rick is wishing he hadn’t sent Carol packing now.

Family Guy Kills Off Main Character

The Griffin Family


It’s not very often that news comes about that a major character on a long running series will be killed off…well unless it’s one of your daytime soaps and you know more than likely that character will soon be returning from the dead.  In a shock move, animated comedy Family Guy, created by Seth MacFarlane, has killed off a member of the griffin family.

In the shows most recent episode (aired in the US), the Griffin’s beloved pooch Brian was killed off – hit by a car in fact.

“We thought it could be a fun way to shake things up,” executive producer Steve Callaghan told US media.  After talks began in the writers room about the possibility of killing off a main player, it was decided that Brian was the most logical choice to be killed off.  “It seemed more in the realm of a reality that a dog would get hit by a car,” Callaghan said.  “As much as we love Brian, and as much as everyone loves their pets, we felt it would be more traumatic to lose one of the kids, rather than the family pet.”

Adding to the shock of Brian’s death, the Griffin’s almost immediately replace him with another dog named Vinny and voiced by The Soprano’s actor Tony Sirico.  “Where Brian was sort of a match for Stewie intellectually, Vinny is a good match for Stewie because he doesn’t let Stewie get away with any crap,” Callaghan said.

The episode, titled ‘The Life of Brian’ is scheduled to air on 7Mate.

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FRIENDS reunion on Cougar Town


Chandler and Monica Bing back on screen and in the same show?  Again?!  Yes it’s true!  Just month’s after Courteney Cox appeared on Matthew Perry’s now cancelled Go On, it’s been announced Perry will be returning the favour with a guest gig in Cox’s comedy Cougar Town during it’s fifth season!

More details about the mini FRIENDS reunion are still to come, but Perry is not the first former co-star to appear on Cougar Town. Both Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow have guested in earlier seasons and it seems the act of mixing it up on each other’s show is not lost with these FRIENDS.  Courteney and David Schwimmer have both also appeared on Lisa Kudrow’s very funny Web Therapy and before Cougar Town, Jennifer popped up in Courteney’s tabloid drama Dirt.

Cougar Town returns to US screens on Jan 7th at 10pm on TBS!


Orphan Black Season 2 Air Date Announced


Card carrying members of the clone club can rejoice!  Orphan Black’s long awaited season 2 air date has finally been announced! Bad news is that we will have to wait until April 19th next year before catching with Sarah and her clones.

The news was revealed during BBC America’s screening of “Doctor Who’s” “The Day Of The Doctor” 50th anniversary special along with a very quick teaser trailer (which can be watched below!)

The official synopsis of season two states: Season 2 of the series hits the ground running with Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) in a desperate race to find her missing daughter Kira (Skyler Wexler, Carrie). Her scorched earth tactics spark a war with pro-clone, Rachel (Maslany), dividing and imperiling all the clones. As Sarah discovers more about her past, mysterious newcomers appear, but can they be trusted?

Back in September, it was revealed that production on season two had begun with lead Tatiana Maslany back along with Jordan Gavaris, Dylan Bruce and Maria Doyle Kennedy all returning for the new episodes.   “We’re truly amazed at the incredible response we received from TV critics and fans alike since the beginning of this series,” David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg, executive producers and co-presidents at Temple Street Productions, said in a statement. “We’re delighted to have the opportunity with our supportive partners BBC America and Space to continue on this amazing journey and to answering some of the impending questions fans were left with from the end of last season.”

Orphan Black season 1 is set to air for the first time in Australia on SBS2 in early 2014.



Ja’mie King: A Lesson In Not What To Do


Wednesday night, we will bid farewell to a crass and thoughtfully careless teenage girl who has divided critics and fans alike.  Ja’mie: Private School Girl will finish up after a short 6 week run on ABC1, and, even I’m shocked to say this, I am glad.

I was among the thousands who clapped with glee when it was announced that it was Summer Heights High alum Ja’mie King who would be the star of Chris Lilley’s new show.  For me, Ja’mie was the standout and a welcome return to TV after first coming into contact with the socially conscious teenager in We Can Be Heroes.  What I didn’t realize though, was when watching Ja’mie in Summer Heights High, the other characters – troublesome Jonah Takaluah and star in his own eyes Greg Gregson (Mr.G) played the perfect offset to the teen with the forked vipers tongue.

It’s the lesson learnt that while the idea maybe great, the delivery may not meet the expectations.  Yes, Lilley’s beloved Ja’mie King, cannot hold down a show on her own and with no other outlet for us, the viewer, to step away from King, we’re left watching a half hour program about a racist and over-sexualized teenage girl who has no qualms about expressing views on race, social hierarchy or her own wealth, who will rip out troubled stories of her struggles with anorexia in an attempt to win her own way.  A girl who is never left for wanting and has the inability to socially connect with those that may be in a  different social standing to herself.  Even Ja’mie’s one redeeming feature (her charity work for African refugees) is out-shined by her complete selfishness and inability to understand that there can be serious consequences to her actions.  Funnily enough, it’s those unattractive qualities in Ja’mie that made us all love her in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still in awe of Lilley’s ability to create characters that push the limits as to whats acceptable when it comes to self appreciation.  Even though it seems that there can be such a thing as too much Ja’mie, the character herself, still fits perfectly in Lilley’s world of misfits and over-achievers and I still adore her..(but maybe just a little bit less than before Private School Girl came along).

I for one hope this will not be the last we see of Ja’mie King, but, I also hope that when that day comes where our paths cross, it’s given in smaller doses.

Ja’mie: Private School Girl finishes up this Wednesday night at 9:00pm on ABC1

The Walking Dead: Wrong Thing To Ask

Gene Page/AMC

These character centric episodes where NONE of the main cast are featured really do annoy me.  Not only do they not push any sort of story line along, they are also usually a bore.  At exactly 27 minutes into the episode, my boyfriend turned to me and said “What an effing drag”.  My point exactly.

It’s like that episode of Homeland recently where it was all about Brody.  Not much really happened, the main story line was halted and your’e just left there thinking “What has happened to this show?”  But unlike Homeland, this episode of The Walking Dead (Season 4, episode 6 titled ‘Live Bait’) has tried to make the bad guy of the show look like a hero, and I for one am not buying it.

Just to remind you, here’s a quick recap of the Governor’s antics last season:

*His zombified daughter kept chained up in a secret closet

*Testing done on walkers to find a cure

*His personal collection of Zombie memorabilia – namely heads

*The murder of innocent survivors in camps so as to claim supplies

*He arranged attacks on the prison

*He basically killed Andrea.

*He mindlessly murdered his own townfolk

*He almost got Daryl killed.

Shall I go on?

There is nothing redeemable about this man, yet, judging by this episode, we’re supposed to feel for him and hope he does well in his travels.  Sad thing is, we know where he eventually ends up – outside the prison but, we don’t know who he has with him.

So long recap short, the Governor is alive, he’s practically broken.  Walking around aimlessly working a beard Jaoquin Phoenix would be proud of before stumbling across a family of survivors in an apartment block.  There’s tension, a chick with a gun, requests for help, a bonding session with a little girl, awkward sex in the back of a truck and a run from walkers and then here we are at the end of the episode with another blast from the past, the Governor’s former right hand man Martinez looking down at him.

I don’t know what else to say.  Single handedly was the worst episode to date. Beats any episode where Daryl isn’t in a sleeveless vest.

I wonder how Carol is going?

Cougar Town Season 5 Premiere Date Set!

Image Credit: James White/TBS

Oh yeah!  It’s time to break out the oversized drinking vases and fill em’ high with your best red as TBS have announced that Cougar Town (why that name?!) will be back with an all-new season 5 on January 7th!

I can’t say when Channel 7 plan to air the show…we were lucky enough to get most of season 4 at like, 11pm on Thursday nights…that said, I suppose we should be oh-so-grateful it aired at all here.

Anyways, don’t listen to what the cul-de-sac crew ask you to do in the exclusive clip from  I say don’t wait until Jan 7th, instead, drink everyday up-to and including Jan 7th to celebrate!