Big Brother Final Week Countdown

Big Brother Housemate Drew

First off, I must say, what a cracker of a season this has turned out to be!  I think the casting crew got the right mix of personalities to really ensure that we are all kept entertained and wanting to watch more, even down to the selection of intruders, each one added to the house – yes i’m including Justynn in this.  I think most of the housemates were evicted in the right order (though Mikkayla should have left much earlier) and I must mention that one of my all time favorite moments of the the series was watching Ed walk out the eviction doors last week and watching Jade start running scenes of Ed having orgies with ‘Ed Groupies’ through her head and the subsequent fall-out from Jade learning of Ed nominating her a few weeks back.

Now, we’re in the final week of Big Brother and it comes down to five housemates – Drew, Tim, Boog, Tahan and Jade and tonight will see that cut down to three with a live double eviction tonight!

So what are my tips?  Don’t quote me on any of these.  I’ve never had luck picking reality winners (see my Australia’s Next Top Model post – see my X Factor Australia post) and I had a very different final five picked out, but that said, tonight, I’m expecting we’ll say goodbye to Jade and Boog.

Who will win?  Talk about that spot changing over time from Ben to Tim to now possibly Tahan.  Why Tahan?  Even I don’t know.  I’m working off social media and live crowd reaction and for some reason ‘mean girl’ Tahan seems to be the most favorable.  She’s always had a strong following but she’s also one for causing a lot of tension in the house with her “say what I feel” attitude.

Why Tim won’t win:  Tim’s “I’m the victim” play is putting people off.  Mikkayla first called him out on it and then more recently Boog and while it may fool housemates, Tim may have forgotten that we, the viewers, have actually seen his antics.  More recently though, Tim has shown a softer side (showing the remaining housemates his rock collection and explaining his choices) but is it a case of too little too late?  Tim has been a great housemate.  Will happily say that.  He is THAT housemate this year – and going by previous years, THAT housemate never wins.

What about the rest?: As mentioned, I’m expecting Jade and Boog to leave.  Jade’s overtly sexual aggression towards Ed has not been pretty to watch and I’m assuming Ed’s eviction before Jade was just for our benefit to watch Jade’s reaction.  Boog on the other hand has proved herself a very entertaining housemate but her status as ‘intruder’ will play against her against voters and original housemates.  Had Boog come in from the start, I would be pegging her for the win.

Drew:  Had Tully not been evicted when she did, I doubt Drew would still be around.  I always found it amusing his ability to criticize Ed and Jade for the way they segregated themselves from group activities, yet Drew, when Tully was around, was even worse.  But, thankfully, Tully was evicted allowing Drew to free himself and ‘jump on Tim’s coat-tails’.  I don’t actually believe that was his intentions, it’s just the way it all played out.

The double live eviction airs tonight on Channel 9 at 7:30pm.