Tom Puts The Sus in Suspect: The Blacklist

Ryan Eggold and Megan Boone in tonight’s The Blacklist

Things are starting to get very sketchy with Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) and i’m not talking about the knock-off Raquel Welch wigs the wardrobe department are forcing on her head.  I’m talking about her shady husband Tom (Ryan Eggold) and his secret box full of money, passports and guns hidden under her lounge floor.

That damn box has been sitting under that floor for weeks now while Lizzie plays around with Raymond (James Spader), hoping for any scrap of information he might throw her way regarding the contents of the box and the unsolved murder at Angel Station, and tonight, that box, Lizzie, Tom and tonight’s blacklister – Gina Zanetakos all come together in what Lizzie could call her worst day to date.

The resulting effect could undo all the work Raymond has been investing in Lizzie and put him back right where he started from.

I don’t trust Tom.  He’s suspect.  You’ll understand tonight after the episode.  There’s more to him than whats being let on.

The Blacklist airs tonight on Channel 7, 8:30pm.