Big Brother: Who Will Win?

Big Brother’s Final Three House mates: Jade, Tim and Tahan

Well Didn’t I call this final three wrong?  You’ll remember that I was convinced Boog and Jade would be sent packing leaving Tim, Tahan and Drew as the final three house mates.  I certainly did not see Jade making it this far!  That said, I did offer up a tweet after Drew’s eviction stating “You know what?  I hope Jade wins now to spite you all!” that made a few people happy and I’m sticking by it now.

Tim seems to be the favorite to win of the three.  He has by far managed to snag himself most of the screen time but his recent mood swings and altercations with Boog and Drew have left a bad taste in a few fans while Jade has remained the steadfast ‘nice girl’ of the group and is being touted as a ‘dark horse’ to win.  Tahan…I don’t know.  I have never understood her following.  She’s made for good TV viewing, but her bullying of both Mikkayla and the Sugar Sisters should have resulted in her being booted out a long time ago.

After 15 weeks of house mates coming and going, fights, tears, laughs, dancing, romance and every other emotion available, Big brother will come to an end tonight.  Either Jade, Tahan or Tim will walk away with the $250,000.

The winner announced, tonight starting from 7:30pm on Channel 9!

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