The Walking Dead: No Goodbyes For Carol

Rick uses his captains hat for wrong

No.  No.  No.  I’m passing on the traditional recap and focusing on the end of this episodes events.  I have to.  It was such a shock to see that happen that it’s all I can really think of when writing.  I’m angry at Carol for not fighting for her place in the prison.  I’m angry at Rick for being a dick.

Rick tells Carol she is no longer welcome back at the prison and sends her packing.


I am loving this stronger and determined to survive Carol.  She’s like what Andrea was before she started having lie down kisses with the Governor and went all girly.  She’s making the decisions that Rick it no longer wants to make, she’s teaching the youngings what needs to be done in order to survive and in my eyes, should have been chosen to lead the survivors when Rick turned pussy.

So then why does Rick get choose when to put on his captains hat and make a decision that will change the course of Carols life and not allow her to return to the safety of the prison?  I understand his reasoning’s behind his decision.  In his eyes, Carol began making risky choices (teaching the children how to use weapons, killing Karen and Dave, allowing the two injured survivors to help look for supplies) that affected the well-being and existence of the prison camp that was not hers to make, but that said, at least someone was making these decisions.

Then noting that this was also for her safety as he felt, he had no other option but to inform the survivors that she was the one who killed Karen and Dave, was a cop out.  As Carol noted, Rick didn’t have to like what she did, she doesn’t like what she did.  But someone did it.

So we last see Carol getting into a stocked up full of supplies car and driving off.  No goodbyes.  No tears.  It’s a bit rough.  So what does this mean for Carol’s future?

I’ve noticed on that Melissa McBride (who plays Carol) has been listed in only a handful of season 4 episodes including the season finale.  Could she be the one used to propel the talked about spin-off?

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