Hostages Creates A Tangled Web

Ellen (Toni Collette) deals with a visit from her sister.

Wednesday night’s up-coming double hitter of Hostages proves why this show is one of the best drama shows currently on television.  Let’s just say that by the end of the second episode (episode 7), you will not believe just how intertwined the lives of Ellen Sanders and her family are with those around her.

The first of the two episodes, titled ‘Sisters Keeper‘ follows on from last weeks episode closer in which we saw the Sanders children brought back home after trying escape.  ‘Sisters Keeper’ see’s the Sanders having to deal with the fallout from their failed escape attempt and Ellen receive an unplanned visit from her sister Lauren (Nina Arianda) and Duncan puts a plan in effect to have Ellen remove her immediately at any cost.

The second episode, titled ‘Hail Mary‘ is where the payoff for viewers really starts to present itself.  We finally learn why Duncan sent Archer to prison – albeit, this feels like a rather late piece of information considering the reveals still to come in this episode.  Ellen will discover just how closely entwined her life and Duncan’s lives really are and someone rather unexpected becomes top spot suspect number one for possibly wanting the president dead!

Both episodes do contain some rather inane story-lines (social worker investigation of possible domestic abuse of Morgan Sanders and the personal lives of Sandrine and Duncan’s brother – his name escapes me now) but the kicker of it all is the closing scene in the second episode.  Just a hint – it involves a needle filled with the poison meant for the president!

Hostages airs Wednesday nights on Channel 9, 8:30pm

CBS via DirecTV