Super Fun Night: Go With Glorg

Marika meets her icon Alison (Brooke Shields)

Oh Brooke Shields.  I’ve missed you so.  I didn’t really ‘get you’ in the 80’s (too young) but I enjoyed Suddenly Susan in the 90’s and then you kind of disappeared until the terrible Lipstick Jungle came along.  With the exception of Army Wives, which i’m guessing not many people are watching, you’ve been MIA from our screens for far too long!  That said, i’m so glad you’re back (even if it’s for a guest gig) in tonight’s hilarious Super Fun Night!

Tonight all-new episode see’s Kimmie, Helen-Alice and Marika all giddy with nerdy excitement that the Murna Princess Warrior Convention (“go with glorg” is the shows catchphrase) is on (hilarious rip-off of Xena Warrior Princess) and all have plans to attend to meet their idol Murna (Brooke Shields).  Without spoiling too much, Kimmie finds herself unable to attend and instead spends some quality girl time with arch-enemy Kendall while Marika meets her idol with disastrous results.

Now, I want a Murna Princess Warrior show starring Brooke Shields.

Super Fun Night airs tonight, Channel 9 at 8pm.