How I Met Your Mother Spin-Off Is Happening



It’s funny how quickly certain TV rumours are revealed to be either fact or fiction.  For instance, just a mere two weeks ago, rumours were circulating of a How I Met Your Mother spin-off being developed and now, today it’s been confirmed that How I Met Your Dad is actually happening.

HIMYM bosses Craig Thomas and Carter Bays and “Up All Night” creator Emily Spivey will all be on board for the new show.

In no surprising news, How I Met Your Father will tell exactly the same story, just like How I Met Your Mother has done for nine seasons, but this time, from a female perspective.  Oh, and the rumours floating around that characters from the spin-off would be popping into the HIMYM final season were in fact just rumours.  The pilot of How I Met Your Dad will be shot as a standalone.