FRIENDS reunion on Cougar Town


Chandler and Monica Bing back on screen and in the same show?  Again?!  Yes it’s true!  Just month’s after Courteney Cox appeared on Matthew Perry’s now cancelled Go On, it’s been announced Perry will be returning the favour with a guest gig in Cox’s comedy Cougar Town during it’s fifth season!

More details about the mini FRIENDS reunion are still to come, but Perry is not the first former co-star to appear on Cougar Town. Both Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow have guested in earlier seasons and it seems the act of mixing it up on each other’s show is not lost with these FRIENDS.  Courteney and David Schwimmer have both also appeared on Lisa Kudrow’s very funny Web Therapy and before Cougar Town, Jennifer popped up in Courteney’s tabloid drama Dirt.

Cougar Town returns to US screens on Jan 7th at 10pm on TBS!