Rosemary’s Baby TV Remake Is Happening



US network NBC is planning to bring Ira Levin’s classic horror work Rosemary’s Baby (published in 1967) to the small screen in a mini series adaption due for 2014 with the four part mini series set to be based off the work of Levin’s novel rather than the cult classic film by Roman Polanski and starring Mia Farrow which was made back in 1968.

Levin’s novel centres around a young couple who move into an imposing Gothic-revival Manhattan apartment block, which they are told has a sinister history. In Polanski’s adaptation, Rosemary, played by Mia Farrow, becomes increasingly convinced that her unborn child is being targeted for ritual sacrifice by the building’s eccentric tenants, who appear to have made an unholy alliance with her struggling actor husband. The reality turns out to be even more terrifying.

While both the original novel and film are both set in Manhattan, screenwriters Scott Abbott (Introducing Dorothy Dandridge) and James Wong (American Horror Story) have moved the story to be set in Paris, with filming in France due to begin in Janurary 2014.

Not cast has been announced as yet.



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