Get The Bolly! The AbFab Movie is Happening!


It’s been a long time coming, Joanna Lumley continuously says it’s happening and it’s shot down many many times by Jennifer Saunders, but over this past weekend, creator/writer/star Jennifer Saunders confirmed she is planning to bring boozy PR Guru Edina Monsoon, Fashion Forward Patsy Stone and the rest of the Absoultely Fabulous gang to the big screen.

Speaking on to Jonathan Ross on The Jonathan Ross Show, Saunders revealed a bet between herself and Dawn French has resulted in plans for a script to be written.  This comes after a small screen revival in 2012 which saw 3 one-off episodes air and countless admissions from Joanna Lumley that not only is the script being written but that she’s keen for it to happen.

But why the delay?

Jennifer mentions to Jonathan and in her book (which I’m currently reading and is a good read!) the fear she has in playing with something that is so well adored by fans and the possibility of screwing it up (see Kath & Kimderella)

Watch Jennifer Saunders speak to Jonathan Ross below about Ab Fab, the bet with Dawn French and why it’s taken so long to bring the show to the big screen.

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