Ranking The 107 Men Of “Sex And The City”



I love the fact that someone at Buzzfeed.com had enough time on their hands to sit down and watch every single episode of Sex and the City, take note of every single character each of our four main gals hooked up with and was then able to rank them in order from 107 right down to number 1.

I want their job so bad.

It is interesting to think that in the show’s 6 season run, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda had slept with a combined total of 107 men – well, we knew Samantha would claim a large chunk of that number.  What’s also interesting is going through the list a remembering many well known faces that had appeared during the show’s run.  David Duchovny, Bradley Cooper, Justin Theroux…among others.

So how did each lady stack up?

Samantha hit 35 while Charlotte nailed 25.  Miranda slept with 23 with Carrie not far behind on 24.

Check out the list below.  How do you think they stack up?  Agree with their list?

Ranking The 107 Men Of “Sex And The City”