NBC Cements Relationship With Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler and Natasha Lyonne

Things seem to be on the rise for comedy favorite Amy Poehler.  After a very successful co-hosting stint at the Golden Globes (along with Tina Fey for a second year running) and a best comedy actress Golden Globe win for Parks and Recreation, NBC announced the high likely-hood that Parks and Rec will be back for a seventh season along with the news they have inked a new three year deal with the star and picked up a new show written by Poehler and starring Natasha Lyonne.

Lyonne herself is enjoying a second wave of success.  After staring in a string of hit movies in the late 90’s (American Pie, But I’m a Cheerleader and Scary Movie 2) Lyonne had a short period of crazy and drug addictions before popping up in the Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black earlier last year.

The as-yet-untitled comedy (Old Soul is being shopped around) will see Lyonne play a woman who is trying to find herself and, in the meantime, working as the aide to a group of elderly people.

The prospect of seeing Natasha Lyonne and her dry sarcastic monotonic voice go head to head against the Golden Girls in a show written by Amy Poehler sounds highly appealing!