Channel 7’s INXS Miniseries Get’s AirDate

Luke Arnold and the cast of INXS: Never Tear Us Apart. Source: Channel Seven (David Cook)

We’ve seen the previews, we’ve all talked about the uncanny resemblance between Luke Arnold and the late Michael Hutchence, we’re all hanging to see if singer Samantha Jade can pull off the role of Kylie Minogue and now, we’ll all finally be able to see it all for ourselves when Never Tear Us Apart; The Untold Story of INXS begins it’s two Sunday night run on Feb 9th.

Channel 7 are kicking off the new ratings year with the hotly anticipated INXS bio miniseries starring Luke Arnold, Samantha Jade and Hugh Sheridan.  We’ve been teased with promos since late December and it’s only been as recent as last Friday that some of the cast including Georgina Haig and Alex Williams got to see the final result.

The mini-series centres on INXS’s rise to the top and become Australia’s biggest rock exports, as well as the band’s struggles with drugs and fame, which ultimately led to their lead singer’s untimely death.

More about the cast and the mini series.

Watch some Never Tear Us Apart Previews.

Never Tear Us Apart; The Untold Story of INXS will air Sunday Feb 9th and Sunday Feb 16th at 8:30pm on Channel 7.



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  1. Too bad it could not be the real story behind INXS or Michael. I have disagree with you, the only person I know who even came close to resembling Michael was Gavin Rossdale when he was first brought to meet me and lead the group I named “Bush” for the Australian bush country. You see, I am the girl Michael named Tiger Lily when I was 15 in 1983. It was before we decided to work on script ideas for the Peter Pan inspired title “The Lost Boys” which INXS provided a song for the soundtrack. Tiger Lily is the name of a character in Peter Pan.

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