Rabbits, Snails and Paint Brushes Oh My!

WA’s Chloe and Kelly failed miserably in their instant kitchen.

So this was the episode all MKR fans had been waiting for.  After being hung, drawn and quartered on all platforms of social media, it was now time for the villains of the series, Perth’s Kelly and Chloe, to put their cooking skills to the test, not only for the other contestants, but for everyone at home watching too.

It didn’t take long for the wheels (or pretentious smirks) to fall off the duo’s faces.  Their aims of perfect 10’s throughout their entire meal was quickly destroyed when their entrée of ‘three cheeses’ was destroyed by the judges.

Wait, back up a minute….. trio of cheeses?

Chloe doesn’t like cheese right?  Or was it Kelly?  I don’t know.  At times, these two tend to blend into one big ball of unpleasantness.

Well apparently Chloe or Kelly cooked this dish a lot for her friends three year old and the kid loves it.  Three year old also eat play-doh so I doubt they’d be the best judge.

Follow that up with a main including Bambi’s Thumper and Mr. Squiggle’s Gus the Snail and you’ve got a dish that’s put off most of the table even before it’s served.

Best Dish of The Night: Chloe’s face when Pete ripped into her about the disaster that was her entrée.  So convinced she was of the awesomeness of it, her reaction to Pete’s remarks saw her jaw literally unhinge and hit the floor with an almighty thud. Something similar to this…


The Food Overall: Certainly was more eyebrow raising than a few of the previous offerings (There’s a Deb reference in there but there’s just too many to choose from).  Trio of cheeses, rabbits, snails (to which I’m certain made Kelly vom in her mouth when throwing them into the paella) – the main had the word peasant in it for crying out loud. Then again, Kelly decided to add sliced white bread to layer under one of the cheese offerings so peasant might just be appropriate.  Desert however caused the most controversy.  We all knew it as soon as they picked up the frozen puff pastry and casually threw it into their trolley claiming “They can’t expect us to make our own puff pastry”.

Turns out everyone was expecting them to make their own puff pastry.

The Final Result:  Well after Manu called the pastry “Cardboard” and “virtually inedible” it was pretty certain it was going to be down to Andrew and Emelia and these two, to decide the bottom spot on the ladder.  All it came down to was Manu’s score for the desert.  2 points a loss, 3 a draw, 4 a win.  Clearly after Manu called the desert inedible, it couldn’t be higher than Pete’s score of 2 could it?  Surely not.

What’s that Manu?  The producers whispered in your ear…something about a score of 4 right?  It’s the only logical explanation as to how they remained in the competition.  Try as you might, we all know by now when we’re being played.  I, for one, calling dodgy.

Next Up: New teams.  Round two.  I’ve decided I don’t like any of them already.  I did this last season and changed my tune quickly.

For now, i’ll leave you with the following image which pretty much sums up my thought’s on Manu’s final score for the night.


Now, The Block is somewhat less controversial than MKR at the moment.  There’s no team acting out.  No tanties thrown.  No sign of bad sportsmanship.  Well, for now.  The teams have just been told they have 24 hours to hand up the entire drafted plans for the entire build so we’ll see how long that lasts for.


But let’s not jump too far ahead.  This was discovered late in the episode.  Earlier on, my theory that Steve was really only on the show as per Chantelle’s wishes (or, just along for the ride) seemed to be coming closer to being proven correct.  Happy now a builder is on board (Super Luke) Steve can now plod along with Chantelle taking part in all the shopping fun.  Even Keith picked up on this and suggested nicely that maybe he picks up a hammer or some other tool like object – once in a while.

Keith informs the twins their floors needed to be raised.  It’s here we get our first “If they keep screwing with us, them I’m walking” quote of the season.  I’m pretty sure there’s at least five more of those to come.

Oh, and everyone makes fun of Steve and Chantelle’s barn door hand made by Super Luke.  I actually like it.  If the wooden theme is continued tastefully throughout the apartment, then the door will look amazing.  By the way he was talking, I’m thinking Super Luke and Chantelle should have made up the team.  He’s making more decisions on the design and layout than Steve is.

Next Up:  Looks like Steve found where the drills are kept and then decides to go head to head with the Keithinator about the plans. My advice…go slow and start with the drill working your way up to a confrontation with Keith.  it’s safer for everybody.