It’s a Lobster Massacre! Round 2 Begins on MKR!

First Up: Uel and Shannon Massacre Lobster Tails.

So now it’s time for group two to present themselves to Australia and be judged on social media all while trying to cook for a bunch of strangers and a pair of celebrity chefs.  Sounds easy enough, and if all goes wrong, just do a Chloe and Kelly and blame the editing.

Who do we have in this new round?  From WA there’s friends Jess and Felix who are giving off an Aimee and Jason type of vibe, but while Jason would suck cheese out of a deodorant stick, I’m feeling Felix would be a little more refined….say replace the cheese with a meat pie perhaps.  From SA we have our first pairing of mum’s for the season – Bree and Jessica.  Sadly, these two are not as sassy and punchy like Angela and Melina from 2013.  They’re more the ‘I’ve popped three kids out, I’m tired, can’t be bothered to do my hair, is the washing done?’ kind of mums.

Harry and Christo from VIC.  Where to start?  Highly over confident and yeah…harry broke his neck recently so i’ll be nice….till it heals.  QLD are giving us David and Corinne, or as I shall be referring to them – Geoffrey and Brynne (think that says it all) The besties from TAS, Thalia and Bianca seem harmless enough.  They look like they’re 12 and laze about on Sundays at farmers markets…I hate them.  Lastly, and first up to cook are the NSW, newly-weds Uel and Shannelle who seem very much in love and won’t be prepared for what the MKR experience will do to their relationship.

Getting straight into it….

The Best Dish of the Night:  The new addition to the Chloe and Kelly bitch gang!  Jess proudly took hold of her welcoming badge, threw in a travel quote then bitched about no bones being in the lamb shank pie.  Yes, bitched about there being NO bones in the pie.  Who does that?  It seems Jess is the type of girl who’d suck bone marrow out of a deodorant stick.

The Food Overall: Yikes!  After completely obliterating the lobster tails for the entrée, the main of boneless lamb shank pie with pea mash had no flavour and just like Geoffrey – had no taste.  At least Manu lightened the mood with an added Sean Connery ‘Shank-You’ gag.  Desert looked like a winner…it had chocolate and marshmallows in it for crying out loud.  Just a shame it was basically a bowl of sugar with a biscuit base.

The Final Result: Uel and Shannelle were nice.  They were cute together in the kitchen, cute serving up the dishes, cute receiving the critiques but cute doesn’t give points.  Everyone scored them pretty mid range while the judges did the same – total score of 53.

Next Up: QLD’s Geoffrey and Brynne show us all what money can buy you (including a bride), there’ll be some uncomfortable kissing scenes and a few bum taps, while Jess cements her status within the bitch gang.