Channel 9’s Schapelle Telemovie Review

Jacinta Stapleton and Krew Boylan as Mercedes and Schapelle Corby (c)Channel 9

Will lasts night airing of Channel 9’s change people’s mind about the Schapelle Corby case?  Maybe.  How much truth was there to the story told?  Who knows?  Will the movie anger the Pro Corby supporters?  Hell yes.

So was it any good?

Well the story is based on true life events but you can’t help but feel when watching, there were some scenes of fiction thrown in for good measure.  The story was based off the book by investigative journalist Eamonn Duff titled “Sins of the father, the untold story of Schapelle Corby” which believes that not only is Schapelle guilty, but she was also working as part of a drug trafficking ring involving her sick father.

Here’s the thing.  Schapelle was a good watch.  Krew Boylan as Schapelle was impressive.  You can’t help but feel for the girl and the situation she was in and manages to re enact scenes (the court room for sentencing and breakdown in the holding cell) right down to the finest detail.  Boylan should be commended for taking on the task and making it believable.  Jacinta Stapleton as Mercedes Corby (with added teeth) just as impressive.  Even Colin Friels as her father, Mick Corby, is believable enough to make you not really like him very much and question his character and involvement with the drug smuggling.

It’s been almost 10 years since this story began and as time moves on, you forget about certain things that happened during the media frenzied story.  The bringing in of John Ford, a man awaiting trial in Australia, claiming to be able to give evidence about Schapelle innocence and Ron Bakir, the ‘white knight’ who worked with Corby’s legal team and has since distanced himself from the case since the guilty verdict was handed down -both of whom are featured in the movie.

The Schapelle movie was intense and eye opening and made you think.  From what we can gather, most of what was seen is based on actual events.  The ending however, linking Malcolm McCauley to Mick Corby to Schapelle Corby – unnecessary and made for a tacky ending to a decent Australian production.