The Queen of Seafood Dines with Jack Nicholson


Am I the only one who feels we learnt a little bit too much about this QLD couple?  They have ‘stocks’, he does a crap Jack Nicholson impression, she’s wife number four, he likes calling her his ‘trophy wife’, it literally looks like a father smooching with his daughter when they kiss…

MKR kiss


He’s a shit golfer, oh and we have the same friends too.  Well friend.  Well a mate I haven’t seen in a few years, but pops up eating a lamb chop at a party hosted by David and Corinne.

The name of the instant restaurant – The Quarterdeck.  It’s fine dining with a nautical theme and not a single gold shovel in sight.

At least no one can claim these two are cheating – making their own bread, mayo AND butter!  Someone might want to tell Corinne that I’m pretty sure using store bought butter is ok.  Bread is a touchy subject at the moment, but butter is fine.

Then the whole ‘Queen of Seafood’ title comes under scrutiny when the crayfish for the entrée is raw and a lot of questions involving 12 minutes and boiling water start being asked before David decides to cook the crayfish for ‘an extra minutes’.  I’ll add that to my recipe book.

“And cook for an extra minutes”

So then everyone arrives and are promptly given sailor hats wear.  I’m thinking giving everyone a boat each might have worked better than the hats…but that said, the mood was chirpy, with everyone commenting on how wonderful ‘whatever is cooking’ smells, then suddenly, the realization that there’s no chairs for the mum’s or Harry and Christo falls over the group leading to a rather awkward ‘standing around the table’ scene along with some awkward smiling that happens when you’re not really sure what’s going on…


Nothing says ‘awesome dinner party’ than a game of “Go and get your own chairs!”.

The Best Dish Of The Night: Bitch gang member Jess from WA describing the entree as a plop on a plate (but instead of a word, she used a noise).  Granted, the crayfish stack did look like an avocado pattie with a fish topping or a ‘pancake’ as Jess said.

The Food Overall:  It’s a shame David and Corinne spent so much time making their own butter, mayo and bread and perhaps spent a bit more time on the home-made pasta.  The bowl of seafood glug served for mains was a mass fail while the tropic eaten mess looked like individual pavs bought from Coles.

The Final Result: The Queen of Seafood sank.  Well the 2 hour wait between entree and main didn’t help their cause, especially when then two hour wait led to one of the worst mains ever seen in the competition.  David and Corinne’s instant kitchen puts them at the bottom of the ladder.

Up Next: The Sunday farmers market trawlers Tahlia and Bianca fend off Harry and Christo’s overt sexual advances while attempting to cook for everyone.