Pretty Little Liars Goes Black & White For Shadow Play

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Toby (Keegan Allen) Go B&W for PLL


A constant on all forms of social media, teen drama Pretty Little Liars (FOX8 on Fridays) is offering up a tribute to the classic noir style films with an episode filmed largely in black and white.

Airing this Friday on FOX8, the episode titled “Shadow Play” will see our favorite liars transformed into tough guys and brassy bombshells reminiscent of a look post World War II and it’s all thanks to a pill popping Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario).

After taking another hit of prescription no doze pills, Spencer (in between studying and discovering Ezra could be A) watched The Narrow Margin a black and white film from the 1950’s and her mind, all hopped up on pills, transports herself and her friends into a Pleasantville type setting.

The liars’ noir alter-egos bear their same names and similar traits as their normal everyday selves, but the story ultimately leads Spencer to discover a much sought after clue allowing her to decode a very modern day journal.

Not a stranger to paying homage to classic films (Pretty Little Liars has also used references from Hitchcock’s Psycho and The Birds as inspiration for earlier episodes) executive producer Joseph Dougherty (who wrote and directed the episode) said “We do a lot of references to classic movies and our show is darker and the shadows are a little more scary.  ABC Family suggested the black-and-white episode and provided research ‘that younger audiences now do not have a prejudice against black-and-white films the way audiences slightly older did. … They see it as an artistic choice.

Pretty Little Liars Black and White ‘Shadow Play’ episode airs this Friday 7:30pm on FOX8.



Extended Preview of Game Of Thrones Season 4


The new season of Game of Thrones is fast approaching, and to whet the appetite of very patient fans, HBO have released an extended 15 minute trailer for the shows up coming fourth season.

The trailer – Game of Thrones Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing includes on-camera interviews with cast members including Gwendoline Christie (Brienne), Peter Dinklage (Tyrion) and Natalie Dormer (Margaery).

Want to know more about season four?  Read about it here!

The fourth season it slated to begin, here in Australia on April 7th on SHOWCASE for FOXTEL subscribers, though in a deal made with HBO, it means Game of Thrones will be an exclusive to SHOWCASE virtually blocking iTunes and Quickflix from fast-tracking the show to non FOXTEL subscribers.

The news gets even worse for those wanting to legally download the series.  The deal between the two networks also means that iTunes and Quickflix cannot offer ANY episode of season 4 until FOXTEL have aired every single episode of the season.

Any people wonder why illegal downloading (especially of Game of Thrones) is so rife in Australia.

For fans not wanting to pay a minimum of $75 per month for the premium channel on FOXTEL, those with FOXTEL PLAY online subscriptions (which is a little bit cheaper) will be able to access the new episodes.

Game of Thrones, Season 4, begins April 7th on SHOWTIME for FOXTEL subscribers.

The Zany Adventures Of The Clumsy Chef!

Best Mates Harry & Christo from VIC

Well well well.  Didn’t the boys from VIC just go balls up in their Instant kitchen last night?  They pretty much ruined the plan to keep David and Corinne in the bottom position on the ladder and now, it looks like, these boys won’t make it to the second round.

From dropped eggs to cut fingers to broken pastry to popping open a can of pastry weights…nothing was going to go right tonight – for Harry.  Christo on the other hand managed to rip out a dozen individual tart bases while Harry was out buying eggs…think this tells Christo that his team should of consisted of one?

David (Regina George) was in fine form.  His constant use of ‘this dish has no technical skills’ again, only reinforced the fact that they screwed up their ‘highly technical seafood menu’. 

The Best Dish of The Night: Manu finally loosing his shit about there being NO SAUCE provided with the main.  According to Christo, the plan was for the ‘veal to speak for itself’.  Manu was right when he retorted “The veal can’t speak for itself.  The veal is dead”.  


The Food Overall:  Bad.  So the onion tart for entree was the best dish, the fact that it looked like cat food made it the least appealing. The main of Veal and beans was dry and chewy while the dessert of Blueberry everything was semi under-cooked and the ice cream was SAVORY!

The Final Result: BOTTOM OF THE LADDER.  Yep, these two pushed David and Corinne off the bottom of the ladder.  You could almost hear the sighs of despair nation wide when Pete offered up his final 2 point score for the desert leaving the boys in last place.

Up Next: The mums from SA tidy house, put on ball gowns and give the kids to the grandparents for the night.