Ballgowns and Salted Dough: An MKR Recap

SA Mums Bree and Jessica

Amazing things can happen in the kitchen when you leave the kids with the hubby, slap on some Estée Lauder and dust off your prettiest ball gown as shown by SA mums Bree and Jessica.

These two friends are self confessed ‘jugglers’ (involving kids, cleaning, cooking and husbands) and generally make it seem they lead very busy lives instead of checking out a 2pm with a glass of pino and Ellen on the TV,

Once again, Coles is featured heavily, but instead of their ‘fresh fruit and vegie’ section, we’re treated to an in-depth look at their ‘Aussie meat’ department and a very knowledgeable butcher who casts are foreknowing eye over the meat Bree and Jessica are intending to buy.

The menu consisted of all things non-English, all of which could only be spoken by Manu, who also cast a ‘peasant’ eye over those around the table who had no idea what ‘Salt baked chateaubriand with chervil béarnaise and pommes frites’ exactly was….well except for Jess who I felt like was clutching at year 10 French to impress Manu.

The Best Dish of The Night: I’m torn between the mum’s declaring they only like fresh, local scallops and then buying frozen imported ones for their guests (peasants indeed), realizing David’s new and improved attitude can only be put down to him having gotten some of Corinne the night before and Jess’s ability to use the word ‘bitter’ three times in the same sentence.  Ah screw it, I’m going with Felix’s stye.  Talk about that popping up at the wrong time!

The Food Overall: Worthy of 11’s…if an 11 could have been scored. Apparently frozen and imported scallops are the ‘in thing’ as it was the highest scoring meal.  Salt baked chateaubriand with chervil béarnaise and pommes frites (which results in a lot of red underlines on my editing screen here), was cooked to perfection, though if it had been handed to me, I would have had to walk it around the plate so It could have eaten my wilted greens while dessert of berry mousse atop chocolate mud cake was dense.  Well the chocolate mud cake part was dense.

The Final Result: The SA mums breezed past the rest of the ladder, pino in hand, to take top spot over the ‘looking younger by each episode’ THalia and Bianca.

Next Up:  A glorious episode involving Jess and Felix, the words “Worst dish of the series” and Jess giving her best Chloe’s smile to frown impersonation.