Winners And Losers: Tough Decisions Ahead For Frances

Doug Gives Frances Some Less Than Good News (c)Channel 7

I’ve always said to my partner “if something happens to you and you need full-time care, then I’m outta here!”  Half of me is joking, the other half…joking not so much, but this is a situation Frances (played by the wonderful Virginia Gay) is currently facing in Channel 7’s Winners & Losers.

In scenes dealt with by many people in real life, Frances is faced with the possibility of having her life completely turned upside down to become Zach’s (Stephen Phillips) full-time care giver after suffering a stroke while in emergency surgery resulting from a viscous attack by a jealous Shannon (Luke McKenzie).

It is literally one of the toughest decisions Frances has had to make so far.

To stay or go?

When asked if Frances could ever accommodate the idea of leaving, star Virginia Gay says “It’s a subject broached in the very next episode.”

In Tuesday nights episode titled ‘Afternoon Delight’, we’ll see Frances distancing herself from her worries with Zach and the hospital by joining her friends for a day away at Sam’s (Katherine Hicks) farm while becoming agitated with sexual frustration egged on by Jonathan (Damien Bodie).

In Frances’ worst case scenario, could she contemplate stepping away from Zach?  Would there be moral fall-backs from family and friends in doing so?

Winners and Losers continues Tuesday night, channel 7, 8:30pm!