Worst Dish of the Series: An MKR Recap

WA Friends Jess and Felix

I call this karma.  Had Jess and Felix actually been able to talk the talk and walk the walk, then all props to them (mainly Jess) for the cockiness expressed throughout this round of instant restaurants. Instead, the overly prepared duo offered up “one of the worst dishes of the season” as according to Pete Evans.

Jess has got her mission statement and a highlighter, Felix has a plate of bacon, eggs and sausage.  I think I like his morning get-up-and-go better than Jess’s.

Jess happily tells us all about her life’s successes.  Buying a house at 19, travelling the world, singing with INXS at a packed out Wembley Stadium….yet in all this fabulousness, they make the decision to cook in Felix’s incredibly small kitchen complete with an equally small oven.  Cooking for 12 people in an oven that size and not stuffing up….I’d have a better chance of holding my own packed out gig at Wembley.

Best Dish of the Night:


There’s something wonderful about seeing someone who busily tells everyone about how incredible they are and showing no forms of modesty get cut down to size.  Pete and Manu’s critique of the worlds fastest entrée delivered by Jess and Felix resulted in one of the best smile-to-frown jaw drops ever witnessed on MKR.

The Food Overall: Was covered in Felix’s sweat.  Man this guy drips. Besides all the added salty drips from Felix, the food was bad, and not like “yeah i’m not a fan” bad but more “worst dish in the competition” bad.  The pork belly two ways was basically spam and phlegm on a plate.  The main of overcooked confit duck cigars (Jess’s own creation) was terrible while the mint slice desert earnt them a few smiles and was classed as a big step up from the first two courses.


The Final Result: Thankfully Manu delivered and sent Jess and Felix packing allowing Harry and Christo to remain in the competition. This should take some of the heat off him for his crimes against the nation in allowing Kelly and Chloe to remain.

Next Up: Intruders!  Three new couples compete against the three lowest remaining teams.  Harry and Christo have to suffer through a week of Kelly and Chloe PLUS David and Corinne (this is going to make for great tv) plus three new teams.  NSW friends Carly and Tresne are first up.