It’s Just Bad Editing: The Block’s Steve Hit’s Back

Fuming at The Block … Steve O’Donnell and Chantelle Ford are contestants in the new season of Faves v Faves. Source: News Limited

I’ve already had my say on The Block’s Chantelle and I’ve kept my mouth (mostly) shut when it comes to her partner in crime Steve, but lately, Steve has been grinding my gears when it comes to his lack of enthusiasm, inability to multi-task and general unpleasant persona, especially when it came to finishing off the group designed common area (do we need to revisit his tanty when asked to clean the mess on the second floor?)

Well, according to Steve himself, he is the complete opposite of what we are seeing on The Block and on Monday he took to Facebook to vent his frustrations at the Nine network over the shows poor editing which he feels is making him look lazy and stupid.

I want to keep a track of this as it looks like its getting out of hand and i cant remember every fabrication.” he wrote in a post on Monday followed by a list of points he notes down.


I wonder if editing is to also blame for Chantelle’s poor taste in design ideas (though i’ll give her snaps for the bath nook in the bathroom idea) and Alisa and Lysandra coming off as less than personable? who first reported the story are awaiting comment from Channel 9.


An open letter to The Block’s Chantelle – TVNOW


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