Those Who Kill Pulled By A&E

Chloe Sevigny headlines Those Who Kill

While I may have been somewhat captain negative in my review of A&E’s newest serial killer drama Those Who Kill, I had hoped people would at least tune in and give it a shot on their own merits.

It seems no one did.

The Chloe Sevigny lead drama has been pulled by A&E after only it’s second episode after it drew a measly 830,000 total viewers.  But not all is lost for Sevingy and the show.  A&E are keeping faith in the show and believe there is an audience for it, and are now planning to re-launch the show in a new time slot at a later date to be announced shortly.

What this means for the planned April 15th launch date for Aussie veiwers on SoHo will remain to be seen.


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