Looking for Drama, Looking Finally Brings It

Jonathan Groff, left, and Raul Castillo in the HBO’s series “Looking.” (John P. Johnson / HBO)

It may have taken 8 episodes and a lot of questions as to where we were being taken (and how long was it going to take), but finally, HBO’s Looking finally gave us a rather great episode – albeit, in the form of a season finale.

Between Patrick and Richie cooling things down and Frank throwing Agustine out of their shared apartment, I was actually excited to see what was going to happen next as the culmination of the past seven episodes events finally came together to create an episode with memorable and surprising moments – something that has been sorely missing in every other episode.

Work, love and sex all became intertwined as Patrick and Kevin (Russell Tovey) have sex and after what seems like a rather successful pop up restaurant event, Dom and Lynn (Scott Bakula) share a romantic kiss, but it was the final confrontation between Richie and Patrick that brought the episode together.

After telling Patrick that he’s basically in love with him, Richie decides it was best for him to walk away from Patrick with his dignity and heart still in one piece.

Speaking to the L.A Times, Raul Castillo says of that final scene between Richie and Patrick “Richie articulates his most vulnerable feelings in the season in that scene, I thought. And I just wanted to honor that, and what he was feeling. It was this great moment for this character to reveal something very truthful and, at the same time, something incredibly profound. I just wanted to treat that moment with care. And I also was proud of Richie for facing the reality of the situation and, as much as it hurt, stepping away. I was excited, in a weird way, to hear him assert himself. And, you know, he has asserted himself throughout the season, but I think there was something really kind of incredibly human about the feelings that he articulates in that moment.

Thankfully, this won’t be the last we see of Richie.  He’s been bumped up to a series regular for season two!

I’ve criticised Looking for being too boring and for trying too hard to not be too out there and similar to Queer as Folk, but, this final episode of season one proved that the people behind the scenes can bring us something exciting and dramatic without being too cliché or boring.  I’m sad it took almost eight episodes to get me to this point, but, I’m excited for season two.

Speaking of which, what can we expect for Patrick, Dom and Agustine?  Michael Lannan (Looking’s series creator) has been keeping tight lipped about what’s ahead but did say to EW.com that even though Scott Bakula has been attached to the new NCIS spin-off, he’ll still be making an appearance in Looking’s next season and that the likelihood is that season two will not pick up where season one left off, but no word on the time frame between the two seasons.

So, for those who watched…are you Team Kevin or Team Richie?

I’m completely team Richie!