How to be Eliminated from MKR Without Cooking a Thing

he dashing duo lost by a seven point margin to their fellow Victorians. Source: Channel 7

If last night’s My Kitchen Rules sudden death cook off showed us anything, it’s that appearing on a cooking show without actually displaying any kind of cooking ability will only get you so far before being found out – regardless of how popular you are.

VIC boys Harry and Christo, often criticized for not actually offering any dishes that were either completed to a high standard or appropriate for a cooking competition (hamburgers anyone?) were booted from the cooking show after losing out to VIC twins Helena and Vikki during their sudden death cook-off.

From the outset, most had low expectations of the boys …

and they didn’t fail to deliver.  Their menu of raw tuna (on purpose) followed by raw Wagu steak (not on purpose) finished off with under cooked crème brulee (not on purpose) was no match for Helena and Vikki’s well thought out and well executed menu.

While the boys might have made for entertaining viewing, MKR is after all, a cooking show, and no matter how much you try to hide the fact you can’t actually cook, sooner or later, you will be found out!