Resurrection Reviewed.


What’s this now?  A show about people coming back from the dead and there’s not a single zombie in sight?  Well it’s true and it’s coming to Channel 7 Tuesday night.

The first episode (airing Tuesday 8:45pm on Channel 7) starts off with 8 year old Jacob (Landon Gimenez) waking up in a rice field in China not knowing how he got there – or that it’s been 32 years since he was last seen alive.  It turns out Jacob is from a small town called Arcadia, in Missouri, America – and according to his now elderly parents, he died 32 years earlier in an drowning accident along with his aunt.

How did he come back?  Where did he come from?  Are others  like him coming?  It’s these questions that are there to hook you in and will provide for the continuing storyline throughout the series, but the answers aren’t going to to come quickly.  I’m two episodes in already and I’m no closer to finding out anything about what’s happened to these resurrected souls – where they have been, how they came back or why.

Resurrections pilot episode offers very fertile ground for plot development.  It’s a an eerie and emotional mystery that has the potential to dip it’s feet in the government conspiracy/religious/paranormal ponds while offering up some realistic modern day-to-day consequences of a child coming back from the dead (when Jacob goes off to play soccer with some local boys, their parents quickly usher the boys away leaving Jacob to play by himself.) though, I must note that there are some glaring issues within Resurrection that are glossed over and are barely even given a mention.  8 year old Jacob dies 32 years ago, but when given a smart phone, immediately knows how to change apps and use the touch screen and Jacob only asks why his parents and best friend look so much older than when he last saw them in a passing “you look different” comment to his mother.

These issues aren’t much, but you will find yourself asking the same questions.

Resurrection was a decent watch and for the most part, held my interest though I was somewhat frustrated with the lack of information and reveals coming in, but then giving away too much at the start doesn’t leave much to show for by the end.  The cast including Omar Epps amd Devin Kelley were pleasing enough and Kurtwood Smith and Frances Fisher as Jacobs elderly parents always add impressive elements to any work they are attached to.

Even though after watching two episodes I was never drawn to ask “What happens next?” or say “I Can’t wait for the nest episode” I can recommend giving it a look in and check it out for yourself.  While it’s got nothing on it’s French counterpart The Returned, Resurrection should have enough to keep your eye interested to find out more.

Resurrection begins Tuesday night, 8:30pm on Channel 7