The Face Australia Episode 3 Recap


So episode three….style challenges, girls who faint and one model is practically ripped to shreds by Naomi Campbell.

Checking in with each of the teams, we can see some rather conflicting dynamics begging to emerge.  Team Nicole are engaging in a team bonding meditation and yoga session..


Team Naomi are gloating about their first team win, deciding that they all have targets on their backs now as they are winners, but are determined to continue their winning streak while Team Cheynne are bitching about how the girls in Team Naomi are not interacting with girls from the other teams.

Test Shoot Challenge: Winner takes all fashion face off with Cheyenne Tozzi!  Girls were put into teams of two and were then given a statement item that they then had to embellish with shoes, jewellery and other clothing items which all forms part of a theme given by Cheyenne.    Some girls did ok…

Theme: Gothic

While others didn’t do so well…

Theme: Mod
Theme: Mod

The girls seemed to be having fun, enjoying the challenge and then suddenly, Susan is down and out for the count.  Don’t you hate it when one girl ruins all the fun?  A quick bottle of water and a trip to the hospital and we’re back on track for the final battle between Yaya and Sarah.

Two long blue silk dresses, theme of modern grunge, “think Kate Moss and Kirsten Stewart” (or Kristen Stewart as we all know her).  Sarah ended up going with Kate Moss falling out of a garbage bin while Yaya opted for preppie/tomboy Kristen Stewart…


So yeah, Sarah ended up winning her second test shoot challenge and uses the words “Target on my back” while everybody else now claims she’s their biggest threat to winning this challenge.  I think a drinking game where use of the words ‘target’ and ‘threat’ result in copious gulps of alcohol.

Campaign Shoot Day!  We’re in a massive circus tent and the girls are shooting a viral advert for Max Factor cosmetics, but not before Team Nicole are cut from four girls to three when it’s revealed Susan will not be returning for ‘heath reasons” i.e – she’s knocked up.

Max Factor – cue clapping and screaming – another for the drinking game list, saw the girls having to film an add in one single take with the winners having their viral add assault the internet via the company’s social media profiles.

Once again, our model mentors are on hand to offer support and give advice, and once again, the differences between the three is mind boggling.

Cheyenne (who’s rocking a killer gold studded ring master jacket btw) tells her girls about the importance of annunciating and selling the product through the script “every word has a meaning, you’re saying it for a reason”.

Nicole is a bit more ‘girlfriendy’ with her team who are still reeling after the shock exit of knocked up Susan.  She offers some great advice about how Shenika can “get some life” in her face.

Naomi, meanwhile, is straight down to business quickly ripping into Brittaney and identifying her as the weakest of the group before tearing her limb from limb and feeding her to the other members of Team Naomi.

Shoot is over, time for judging and Naomi’s unpleasant side comes out to play quickly back chatting host Georges Antoni – not once, but twice (he managed to keep his head) and we have our first person to not choose Team Naomi as the winners (Liz Kelsh has not been heard from since)…and Team Cheyenne takes the win.

The Elimination:  Had Shenika not basically said “I wanna go home and see me kid” I have a feeling Brittaney might have been booted. I’m still not a fan of this elimination process though.

The Winner of the night: Susan!  No wonder she’s always smiling, it turns out she was getting some at home, and now she’s happily pregnant!

The Loser of the night: Brittaney.  She might have won her way out of elimination, but the poor girl is being slaughtered by Naomi and with her team mates all picking Brittaney to go up for elimination, this can only lead to some rather awkward team dynamics.

My Scorecard:  Still 3 for 4…though it was a close call for Brittaney.

Next Week: Brittaney is still being beaten with the Naomi stick and Naomi also puts her plan for domination into place.