Headed Our Way: Red Band Society, Gotham and More

Jada Pinkett-Smith as nightclub owner Fish Mooney in 9's Gotham
Jada Pinkett-Smith as nightclub owner Fish Mooney in 9’s Gotham

Ten scored a nice ratings boost with Tea’ Leoni led drama Madam Secretary last Thursday night (Oct 2nd) and now, other networks are looking set to grab viewers with a mass of new shows that are starting to show up on FTA networks.

Channel 10:

Madam Secretary airing Thursday nights

Scorpion airing Sunday nights

Reckless: TBA

Channel 9:

Gotham: Starts after The Block finale

Forever: TBA

The Mysteries of Laura: TBA

Channel 7:

How to get Away with Murder: TBA

Black-ish: TBA

The Whispers: TBA

Red Band Society: TBA


Selfie, Scorpion & State of Affairs.

While I talked about the lack of “fast-tracked” shows this season recently, by the time these shows actually begin to start airing, good chance, we’ll be almost half a season behind the US.

Keep an eye on this post for updated info as it’s released!