Homeland S04xE10 ’13 Hours in Islamabad’ Explosive Episode

Mark Moses as Denis Boyd
Mark Moses as Denis Boyd

Dana Brody, it’s time to take off your crown as Homeland’s most hated character and give it to the sniveling and meek and rage inspiring Dennis Boyd. Thanks to Dennis’s fine work stealing secrets and trading information with I.S.I double agent Tasneem (Nimrat Kaur), Homeland’s ninth episode of series four left us all wondering who survived the R.P.G attack on the convoy bringing Saul back to the C.I.A headquarters.

Carrie (Claire Danes), Redmond (Michael O’Keefe) and Saul (Mandy Patinkin) were all in the convoy attacked by the blasts while Quinn (Rupert Friend), Ambassador Martha Boyd (Laila Robins) and secret trading husband Denis were all inside the C.I.A – which had just been breached by Haqqini (Numan Acar) and his men….All thanks to Denis.

So, are Carrie, Saul and Redmond alive?  Did they survive the attack?  The New York Daily News published some photos from the filming showing a bloodied Carrie and Saul surrounded by bomb damaged black vans.

In both pictures (published Nov 3rd) Carrie and Saul are wounded though there is no sign of Redmond who was travelling with the two at the time of the attack.

The official synopsis for the episode: “The security breach at the Embassy has far reaching consequences.”

Homeland continues Sunday December 7th on Showtime (USA) and Monday Dec 8th on Network 10 (AUS)


Fans Rally to Save Witches of EastEnd

Jenna Dewan Tatum in Witches of East End. Photo by James Dittiger Copyright 2014
Jenna Dewan Tatum in Witches of East End. Photo by James Dittiger  Copyright 2014

We’ve all been there and we’ve all suffered the loss of a beloved television show, cancelled before it’s time.  More times that not, campaigns to save our shows fall on deaf ears and other times, it feels as though the gods have heard us and our cries have been heard.

Right now, Lifetime’s The Witches of East End has fans crying out, wanting to be heard after the network announced they were cancelling the bewitching show.

Writer Fiona Bentfield, who recently wrote about her love of The Witches of East End is back and writing about why this show should be renewed.

When news broke at the beginning of November that Lifetime had cancelled Witches of East End, I was crushed. I love this show. I’ve written about why I love this show as much as I do.And I’ll repeat myself and say, yet again, Witches of East End is a basic-cable show where the action is entirely led by four women who don’t bicker but support each other, who all have flaws which enrich their fictional characters. This is why this show matters. This is why this show should be central to Lifetime Television’s brand identity.This is why this show deserves a further season. There are so many more positive, female-driven stories left to tell, so much more bad CGI to put into the frame. Witches of East End manages to be simultaneously positive, bleak, eloquent and camp. It has all the potential to become a cult show, the one people binge-watch while down a Netflix rabbit hole on a rainy Sunday, the one somebody gives to a friend and says, “Watch this. It always makes me feel better.”

There are equally many reasons why I want to see Mädchen Amick, Julia Ormond, Rachel Boston and Jenna Dewan Tatum back on my TV come next year. These four together, when the family unites, they are my jam. The scenes between Joanna and Wendy are perfection.

I want the #RenewWitchesofEastEnd campaign to succeed, not purely so we can all enjoy further episodes of our beloved TV series and that it at least receives the ending it deserves, but because there is something utterly remarkable about so many strangers rallying behind this little show. At present count, over 80,000 people from around the world have put their name on a petition saying that it deserves a second chance. But then, perhaps, it shouldn’t be all that surprising. Witches of East End is about four women who have each other’s backs no matter what, after all…

So, dear WitchEEs, as you continue to make me proud to say I am a fan of this trashy little show about witches… “May you be protected on your journey and find the one you seek.”

This essay was written by 'Fiona Bentfield' and originally posted at Another Electric Picture Hall. Original post can be found here. Many thanks to Fiona for allowing me to re-post.

HBO Unveils Girls Season 4 Trailer

Hanna (Lena Dunham) attempts to move on with school in Iowa.
Hanna (Lena Dunham) attempts to move on with school in Iowa.

The season 4 premiere date of HBO’s Girls is still some time away (Jan 11th to be exact) but HBO recently unveiled a brand new teaser trailer of what to expect when the series returns in the new year.

So as you can see, Hannah (Lena Dunham) has migrated to Iowa to begin school at Iowa’s Writers Workshop, Marnie (Alison Williams) finds herself in a tricky romantic situation while Shoshanna (Zoisa Mamet) discovers life after college isn’t as easy as first thought.

HBO also dropped a brand new season 4 promotional poster featuring the four main girls.


As Adam toasts in the trailer, here’s to Hannah “taking the next step in a series of random steps!”

Girls returns for series 4 on Jan 11th 2015 on HBO

They’re Back! Dee and Darren Return for More The Block

The Block's Dee and Darren Jolly are set to return for more!
The Block’s Dee and Darren Jolly are set to return for more!

The Block’s most beloved couple, Deanne and Darren Jolly, are set to return to the show that made them household names and fan favorites.  Ok, well, only some of that is true.  Pretty easy to work out which parts were made up right?

The couple who garnered a love/hate relationship with the Australian public (minus the love) during last seasons The Block: Glasshouse and who only walked away with $10,000 for their efforts have been confirmed to return to the show along with actual favorites Bec and George Douros and Matt Di Costa and Kim Owen from The Block: Sky High.  

The next series titled The Block: Triple Threat will also see six new teams battle it out in a series of challenges all aiming to be the top three teams to join the familiar faces in renovating an apartment block in Melbourne’s South Yarra.

The Block: Triple Threat will air in 2015 along with a second outing later on in the year.

Original Source: The Daily Telegraph