Netflix Australia Official Launch, Prices and Library

Netflix Australia's streaming library has been leaked online
Netflix Australia’s streaming library has been leaked online

Subscription streaming services Presto and Stan have now been live for more than a month now and the third service – and the one with the biggest name – Netflix, launches tomorrow to Australian and New Zealand residents.

The Aussie form of Netflix is going into the market with the lowest price of the three services – just $8.99 a month (Stan is $10 per month, Presto $9.99) for the lowest of the three available packages, and while heavily affordable, the $8.99 package will only stream in standard quality.

And while Netflix have been keeping their library secret, a Reddit user has ‘apparently stumbled across their entire television and movie library’ and leaked the entire thing a day before launch.

House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Orphan Black, Homeland, LOST, House and Arrow – among others, are all listed to be readily available to subscribers from tomorrow – most of which has been confirmed by Netflix.

Having had some play time on the US version, I can easily say Netflix was my favorite, mainly due to it’s ease of use, personalization suggestions and massive back and current library (I managed to fall into a Dawsons Creek – Melrose Place – 30 Rock binge session)

All new users will receive one month’s free trial of the service before the three tier packages come into effect.

Are you planning on using Netflix?  Already subscribed to Presto or Stan?  Let us know what you think of them in the comments below.