TV Watch: Married At First Sight

Two random strangers get married on 9's Married At First Sight
Two random strangers get married on 9’s Married At First Sight

There was a very off-putting whiff floating around channel 9 last night as it put to air the ‘punch-in-the-guts’ reality show Married At First Sight.  Blow me down, there was never a chance I was going to give this show a second of my time, I mean would I seriously consider sitting down with my long-time boyfriend and watch two complete strangers get married while I am currently not allowed to call my boyfriend my husband because that would tarnish the ‘sanctity of marriage’?

What a fucking liberty!

At least (for the most part) I was not alone in my actions…

When talking about a television show, I’d normally go and talk about the premise of the show and bla bla bla but I can’t even bring myself to attempt.  I’m THAT put off by the whole thing.

Sadly though, this wretched show rated so bloody well that after the premiere episode last night, Channel 9 goes and gleefully announces, in all their gay abandon, that a second season has been given the green-light to go ahead.


Australia, you really suck right now.  Channel 9, you suck even harder.

Call me when a show called “Been with my boyfriend for 5 years and now we can finally get married” is created.