Scream Queens Scream onto Fox this September


It’s bright, it’s flashy, it’s gory, it’s funny and it’s just been named one of the Most Exciting New Series at the Critics Choice Television Awards.  Of course, I’m talking about FOX’s new Scream Queens created by man of the moment, Ryan Murphy.

Boasting a named cast that’s bigger than the upcoming fifth season of American Horror Story, Scream Queens follows a gaggle of sorority sisters whose usually quiet college campus is engulfed in a series of grisly murders following the anniversary of a pledge gone wrong.  “It’s horror, but it’s also a dark comedy,” star Emma Roberts says. “I think there is so much that will keep everyone coming back. I know for me… when I read the first episode, I literally was like ‘what?!'”

Check out the trailer below:

As mentioned above, the cast list for Scream Queens reads like a Ryan Murphy party invite guest list.  Fresh off AHS Freak Show is Emma Roberts and fresh off Glee is and almost unrecognizable Lea Michelle.  Pretty Little Liars’ Diego Boneta, Abigail Breslin, Jamie Lee Curtis, Neicy Nash, Nick Jonas, Arianna Grande…the list continues on and on.

Does Scream Queens feel a little bit “wasn’t this a movie in 2002?” or are you “can’t wait for this to begin?” sound off in the comments below!